Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Getting Comments From Your Blogger To Your Email

This is a blogger help announcement: There's always something that throws us for a loop when Google changes up our blogger format, right? The new format isn't really hard EXCEPT for getting comments to our email. It's not the same way of doing it...UGH!

I did a little searching and found a "cure" at "Life and Linda". She instantly became one of my favorite bloggers for this fix because it really works. Thank you, Linda at Life and Linda!


So if you're frustrated that those comments from your blog aren't making it to your email, give Linda's advice a try.

If it works for you, you are welcome!


  1. Hi Carol! I'm not on Blogger but that sure is nice of you to share this info. I'm supposed to be experiencing a new update myself on WordPress. Yippee. Can't wait. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I tried the new Blogger, but went back to the old and familiar version. I find that the new version doesn't let you add new keywords; you can only choose keywords that you added before the change. I hate when they make changes because it is never an improvement to me and comes with no instructions on how things work. I keep sending them the issues, but they don't fix them. It has been a while now since I used the new version, so haven't looked again. I will stick to what is familiar to me as I waste less time that way and I don't see that anything is any better, just different. So unless I am forced to change, I won't. Thanks for this posting in case I do need it one day I will know where to look.

  3. Getting comments in my email has been a struggle for me every time Blogger thinks they need to change something. It’s a problem even when I stay with the old system. But this is SO helpful and SO easy a fix when someone gives you every step needed to get the job done. I am so thankful to Linda for sharing this and SO grateful to Carol for also sharing this! Ladies, thank you both!

  4. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I only have a few that don't make it to my email.
    xx, Carol


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