Thursday, July 16, 2020

I Like Thursday And Other Stuff

 Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color has weekly posts on Thursday, along with other bloggers, sharing "likes" in their lives. I'm always impressed at how dedicated those bloggers are at posting each week. As for me, I'm not so impressive about posting my "likes" often, but it doesn't mean I don't love reading them!

I like that we have lots of these critters climbing our fence out back and in our entry way in the front. They keep the bugs away so I'm happy to have them!

I like that my oldest daughter is a big adventurer and that she's always looking for ways to better herself. This is her on the beach and she added these words that are so true! Love her!

I like to sew (no surprise there) and feel so lucky that I get to sew fun projects for Riley Blake, ThermOWeb, and Crafter's Edge.

I like (love) these scissors and have several pairs of them sitting around my sewing room. They are heirloom scissors by BambooMN. They are a nice weight and not too small, not too big.

I like that my husband plants flowers to make the yard look pretty. This is a new one in our backyard. It's pretty hot here (it was 111 degrees a couple days ago) so I'm so happy there are flowers that love the heat.

I like these sheets for when I wash my quilts for the first time. I don't know about you, but I've had that horrifying thing happen where the colors all bled into each other. It's awful!

I like to lip read I guess. I posted this on my Facebook page after having two conversations with store clerks. It seems we all lip read more than we realize because a lot of people can't hear when wearing a mask. 

I like celebrating holidays with family, but this year we had some sick Monkey Boys and their mom so we kept a big distance from them. Social distancing is awful when I see these faces...I need hugs!

I like seeing the Monkey Boys get older, but sometimes it is happening too fast. This guy is old enough to light fireworks now? Noooooo

I like Beaquilters pincushion swap. This cutie came all the way from Mania Hatziioannidi in Greece. It took it's time, though, and had us worried it was lost because of my moving or the virus mail issue. A little bird on wheels is pretty fun!

I like my sewing retreats with friends. We did the social distancing thing, but it was so nice to get together! Pineapple drinks were a yummy bonus.

I like Monkey Baby time. He fell asleep in my bed...I loved it! That's a little chocolate on his cheek from grandma treats.

Thanks for stopping by! If you get a minute, go check out Lee Anna's blog and visit the others who take the time to look for "likes" in their lives.


  1. great likes . We love our grands, I have 22

  2. Great likes, Carol. That lizard really blends in well with his surroundings. I'm sure the Monkey Boys have lots of likes with you around too!

  3. Awesome like. Love your scaled inhabitants. Gorgeous flowers, um are you missing the condo with the pool yet? LOL the comment about wearing a mask and lip reading, and think about how many non verbal cues we don't see anymore from smiles, or the downturn of a mouth. I agree, monkey boys, as well as my grands need to quit growing up. One grand turned 16 the other day, another will turn 20 this weekend.

  4. Great pictures of the lizards! Your daughter's photo at the beach is lovely, too. That is something I'm really missing this year - getting to see the ocean. I love Color Catchers, too! They have done a great job for my quilts, too!

  5. This all makes me smile! Thanks for sharing all these loves.

  6. Some sweet memories in there. I lip read a lot, even though I have excellent hearing. I think we are all looking for things to help us distinguish certain words. Another reason I don't like masks - and they muffle what you say, so you have to talk a lot louder! I also like Color Catchers. That lizard is amazing - it almost blends in with your housing surface.


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