Thursday, June 18, 2020

Vintage Toy Time With Riley Blake Designs Fisher-Price Fabric

Back in the "olden days" when my children were small, Fisher-Price toys were all around my house. The airplane, bus, and xylophone were their favorites. Now thanks to Riley Blake Designs, those favorite toys are in adorable fabrics that are ready for quilts, toy animals, or pillows. There's no limit as to what these fun fabrics can be used for! 

The carousel and people are adorable!

I love anything dotted so it was fun to see these fabrics in several colors. They are perfect for backgrounds.

With all the memories this sweet fabric stirred up, I was reminded of all the fun my children had with the toys. They've changed a bit over time, but they are still the best toys around. 

"Vintage Toy Time"
48" x 58"

"Fisher-Price" fabrics are 100% cotton and come in some really cute designs! Do you remember the  popping sound some of those toys made? It was definitely a smile maker! 

The back of my quilt has that push toy popper in the fabric along with other toys. The xylophone fabric was perfect for the binding.

The center block has fabric with lions, monkeys, and other Fisher-Price characters. The lettering is the colors spelled out...what a great way to teach colors to children!

Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons come in so many colors, which made it easy to match them with the Fisher-Price fabrics. 

You can find Riley Blake Designs Fisher-Price fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop HERE. *affiliate link

You can find the pattern for "Vintage Toy Time" HERE.

I think you'll love the Fisher-Price fabrics as much as I do!

Check out these other sites for ways to use the fabric:

Thank you for stopping by...have a great toy filled day!


  1. This fabric brings back so many memories!

  2. I love love love it!!! Simply Adorable! Thank you!

  3. What a blast to the past. I love these fabrics!

  4. Hi Carol! Well, if this isn't fun fabric I don't know what is!! I am popping over the FQS right now. Love this. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Thanks for the pattern, Carol! That's so cute, and it reminds me so much of my children's childhoods. The polka dots make the perfect background for those happy FP toys. Another great design.

  6. Thanks so much! This is great nephew just turned two and plays with all of these...he's very in to making a joyful noise just now. He's driving his parents crazy! LOL!

  7. Oh what fun fabric. The corn popper was always a hit at my house as a parent, and a grandparent. The chatter phone too! Thanks for the sweet memories.

  8. That fabric is so fun and wonderful quilts to show it off.


  9. This is delightful! Is there a pattern available for the crib quilt?

  10. This is delightful! Is there a pattern available for the crib quilt?

    Oops! Never mind. I found it. Thank you!

  11. This is so fun! I had several of these toys as a kid, and my son had a few as well. That push popper is a classic! And the stacking rings!


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