Thursday, June 4, 2020

I Like Thursday And Other Stuff

Life has been really up, down, and crazy lately, hasn't it!
Sometimes it's hard to find the good in things and people, but thankfully we keep trying.
 Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color has weekly posts on Thursday, along with other sweet
bloggers, sharing "likes" in their lives. I thing we all need to stop and look for those likes!

I like...
My new home. Old home, but new to us, anyway.

We moved, twice, since March. Of course, it had to be in the middle of the Covid 19
pandemic...ugh. The first move took us from Utah to a small condo near Las Vegas.
Two days after the move we were asked to stay home. That meant not being around
our grandsons because we're in that risky age factor thing. 

What we thought would be just a couple weeks turned into months. Looking for a home
when people don't want to let you in their house to see it was quite challenging. 
Luckily, we found one we liked and the paperwork began, almost all of it online.

Combining two households and some of my mother-in-law's things was quite a 
challenge. We have way too much stuff! Unfortunately, the donation spots all closed 
because of the virus, so that was another challenge. I'm now down to just four 
colanders instead of 10, two sets of silverware instead of six. Furniture was in 
abundance, too. Luckily, the people who bought our house in Utah took a lot of it.

I like...
My family!

Before the move, they threw me a surprise birthday party at the condo. 
We observed proper social distancing but this was so good for all of us after almost two
 months of not being together. Pizza, salad, and donuts for was awesome!

They've been so helpful with the move and we couldn't have done it without them.

They make me smile even when I'm totally exhausted from moving!

I like...
My new sewing room and cabinets.

There's still a lot of work to be done in this room and I've been crawling over boxes
to sew masks and quilts, but it's getting there. It has horrible lighting though!

I like...
My backyard.

There's a lemon tree.

Typical desert landscaping with a pine tree and a palm tree together.

There's a wagonwheel.

It even came with Rolladen shutters. We're ready for the zombies or apocalypse! 

 I like...
My friend, Cynthia, has survived the Covid virus. 

She had been in the hospital since March with it and just went to rehab this week. 
It was up and down for her, but she kicked it...yay! I don't just like this fact, I love it!

I like...

Thank you for being a part of my blogging life!
Stay safe, healthy, and be creative.


  1. I like it! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things! I 'specially like your shelves in the sewing room. ooooOOOOOOOOooooo!

  2. Your sewing room is going to be fabulous!!!

  3. I'm so happy for you...Beautiful new home and an incredible sewing room. Best you a friend who survived Covid! Life isn't all bad I'd say.

  4. New house looks wonderful! You have certainly have some stories to tell. I am so happy yo hear your friend is a Covid survivor. We all need good things in our lives, Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  5. Your new home is beautiful and I really like all of that cabinet space you have in your new sewing space. I love that you have so many lovely things around you to 'like' and that your friend is well xx

  6. Love your new (to you) home! And special family time. What state do you live in?

  7. What a wonderful home and happy that you were able to find something you liked, with all this mess going on. I love your built ins, that is what I wish I had done. What a fun way to have a party, we stayed away from our grandsons for a few months, but back to taking them out again. I am not worried about me, but more about passing it to them, since my husband is working still.


  8. I like your new fortress, with what is going on....what next I am voting for zombie apocalypse and you are prepped. :D Your new home is lovely and I could fill your shelves in your sewing room many times over with my stash, which is frightening. Glad you got to see the boys, they are so very handsome. The yard looks awesome too. Great likes, and hurray for Cynthia's recovery!

  9. Pretty cool sewing room! That’s a major move. Well done with a fun looking family.

  10. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. I know you will enjoy your new home!

  11. What a great list of likes/loves!! So happy you are finally moved into your new home and your sewing room is wonderful. So great you could get together with your family. We've been doing a little of that too. Even had the grands over for a sleepover so their parents could celebrate their anniversary. So, so happy for your friend being a Covid survivor!

  12. I'm so thrilled your friend is recovering and love the pics of your new sewing room! But ugh for moving twice during Covid! It's bad enough moving in ordinary times! Hope you are getting settled, and I love the lemon tree. I had an orange tree when I lived in southern AZ and it was wonderful.

  13. Hi Carol! Love, love, LOVE every single thing about this post. Every.single.thing. Especially the pictures of your peeps! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. I love your house! It screams desert to me. It could be in southern Arizona, California, or Nevada, and I love it! It tempts me home to SoAZ. =) Your sewing room cabinets ... oh, jealous, jealous!

  15. I like you and I like your blog. Congratulations on getting your moving done and down-sizing some of your stuff. Love that sewing room and I know you’ll love finishing it and getting back to sewing.

  16. Que bonita casa y cuanto espacio en tu sala de costura, es envidiable
    CuĂ­date y besos

  17. So happy to hear your friend is a survivor! That's wonderful. Your new house looks like a great place for family. Are you farther away from them now? I hope you get to see them often. The monkey boys sure have grown since I first found your blog. Stay safe.

  18. Look at those built-in shelves! We've had a combination of 5 households to downsize the last several years. We're almost there. :-) Take care.

  19. Great post full of lots of happy things! Love the shelves in your sewing room!

  20. I like it, great to see your new home and read about your birthday celebration. I love the backyard and would love to have those shelves that are you in your sewing room, how cool are those. Lighting is easily solvable... :)

    So glad to see you finally get to settle into your new permanent home.


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