Thursday, December 5, 2019

I Like Thursday Post #4

It's another "I Like Thursdays" with LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color.
Last week was a busy Thursday, so I missed out on posting.

It's been a busy time because we spent two weeks out-of-town.
There were a lot of likes happening!

I like birthdays...
Birthday celebration of Monkey Boy #4. He turned seven...where has the time gone!
His mom made his cake just how he wanted it.
We also celebrated birthdays for Monkey Boy #2 and the Monkey Boy's mom.

I like seeing old friends...
We went to our friend's funeral. It was bittersweet because we got to see so many long time
 friends, but such a broken heart to have him be gone. It was like a family reunion to be together
 with all of our friends. We grew up with most of them while raising our families.
The good news out of it was the planning of a reunion in April. It will be so sweet!

I like family adventures...
Ethel M's in Las Vegas has a beautiful Christmas light show every year.
We've missed it for several years, but made it happen this month.
It wasn't as freezing as it usually is, so it was really enjoyable to walk around.

I like my big sewing machine to not be broken...
I did some sewing while I was gone, but my big machine was still broken so it was hard to quilt
the bigger quilts I needed done. We got home today and picked up my sweet machine as we 
headed to our house.  I did a very happy dance as I placed it in it's spot in my sewing room. 

My poor sewing room is a disaster from trying to hurry and finish things before I left town 
and then dumping everything in there when I came home. Wowzers! 
This is awful and needs a good organization and clean up to happen!

I like traditions...
We got together for our traditional gingerbread house decorating.
Yes, there were dinosaurs!

I like pincushions I don't make...
I came home to two cute pincushions from Beaquilter's pincushion exchange.

I like airbags more than ever now...
My daughter got in an accident and every one of the airbags went off. 
She had a slight concussion and some soreness, but she was lucky!

I like concerts watching the Monkey Boys...

Monkey Boy #2 plays the cello. He's right there in the middle on the edge.

Monkey Boy #4 was mixed in among tons of other kids to sing Christmas songs.

I like pizza and I'm glad Monkey Baby does too...

I like blog hops...
This week is my Virtual Cookie Exchange that's full of recipes and
Christmas projects. Check it out if you get a chance!

There were a lot more likes during the last couple weeks, but I'll go for now.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Carol Dear I am so glad I stopped today to read your post. I love seeing your family adventures. Grateful your daughter is okay. So sorry about your friend passing. We seem to be having all too many of these gatherings. I shall backtrack and enjoy your virtual cookie exchange. Magical Merry Christmas times...

  2. Great likes, even though some are bittersweet. Oh the monkey boys are getting so grown up! The lights around the cactus are awesome. Also loved your pics of the gingerbread house baking....dinosaurs are always a plus. Glad your machine is up and running, and the daughter was not injured in the car accident. Thank you so much for sharing your likes for the week.

  3. You've had a full couple of weeks, Carol! So glad your daughter will be okay and you had the opportunity to see good friends even in the midst of sadness. Your Monkey Boys are cute and fun - #2 playing the cello looks do grown-up! I bet Las Vegas is beautiful when it's decorated for Christmas!

  4. Hi again! I didn't know Ethel M had a light show every year. My Mom used to be a snow bird, so every January I'd fly out with her and then she'd return to Wisconsin in April. I've always wanted to get a place there but now that the littles are here that's not going to happen. I am impressed with Monkey boy #2 and the cello. I used to play that years and years and years ago. He looks like he is doing a nice job, and singing Christmas songs. Is there anything better than listening to kids and their enthusiasm?!! Gosh, I'm so glad your daughter was hurt worse than she was - that looks like a pretty serious accident. I enjoyed all of your photos this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I recently had a couple of friends die. It seems harder at this time of the year. I love concerts too. I was thrilled to see one of the monkey boys playing the cello. I am a former string teacher, but I still play my violin.


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