Monday, December 9, 2019

Joy Christmas Banner

Hanging a banner in your home or on a door can sweetly announce an event or holiday. 
A banner that says “Happy Birthday” or “Welcome Home” will definitely bring a smile to 
a face during a joyous occasion. Holidays are especially fun to celebrate with a banner. 
The “Joy” banner announces Christmas with a small but happy expression of the holiday.


Double fold bias tape (one package)
Michael Miller Happy Holly-Days 10” x 10” squares

If you don’t want to sew around the applique edges, Heat N Bond Ultrahold is a great product
 to use to assemble the banner. Just iron the applique pieces in the same way you would if 
using Heat n Bond Lite, but the only sewing you’ll need to do is to sew the bias tape in place.

The Crafter’s Edge Crossover II makes cutting out fabric and paper a breeze. They have a lot 
of sewing dies to choose from, including Crafter’s Edge Flag Pennant die. The dies have
 cutting edges that aren’t sharp, but when run through the machine they easily cut fabric.

Check out my post at Therm O Web HERE.

You can find the PDF pattern for the banner HERE.


  1. I love to make banners and this one is really sweet. Thanks for the pattern. :)

  2. Banners are such a good idea. That looks really nice.

  3. What a pretty banner. I have been wanting to make one myself.

  4. Very pretty with those fabrics. I like the shape better than triangles, I think.


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