Monday, October 1, 2018

Dracula Says "Velcome To My House"

Maybe Dracula didn't actually say it should be "Velcome To My House", but he would have
if he was visiting my blog during the "Welcome To My House" blog hop.
I hope he never REALLY comes to my house because that would be a bit scary!

With this being my favorite time of year, Halloween of course, it’s time to drag out all the 
decorations to cause  shrieks, screams, and scary scenes. That’s what Halloween is all about at
 my house! As a kid, I never  liked watching vampire shows because they scared me way too much. 
Bela Lugosi was one scary Count Dracula back in the olden days! 
I always looked away when his eyes went into “come-to-me”  mode…yikes! 

Looking back, those vampires were pretty lame compared to today’s television and movie 
trendy-looking vampires. Some of them are very handsome guys that could easily lure me into
 their waiting fangs! The “Velcome To My House” wall hanging or door hanger goes together
quickly using Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft and other ThermOWeb products. You 
can have it ready to hang on your door just in time to “lure” those visiting neighbors or 
trick-or-treaters into your home. Luckily, he’s not too scary

Check out all the details over at the Therm O Web blog today HERE.
You can find the PDF pattern for "Velcome To My House" in my Craftsy store HERE.


  1. Love that you did the photoshoot there. It is a perfect location for that great piece.

  2. Love me a good Velcome! Vampires are my favorite. Great velcome to my house for sure!

  3. This is realy cute though. I love it
    This reminds me, I had a few mini quilts I wanted to make....

  4. So wonderful! I've been a vampire book reader forever, but, like you, the movies were pretty awesomely scary when I was younger. This greeting, posted on that falling down shack, is simply perfect!

  5. I am still afraid of vampires, but not yours. He is fabulous!!


  6. This is really innovative creativity. I love the fact that I’ve never seen something beautiful before.

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    Back patches for vest

  7. He looks very "vicked" LOL Great project. thanks for sharing him.


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