Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Why Have A Privacy Policy On My Small Blog About Quilting

Seriously, I am NOT a lawyer though during disagreements with my husband he says, 
"You should have been an attorney!" Guess that means I'm good at arguing?
So...why have a privacy policy on my small blog about quilting?
Some say we don't need one and some say we do.

I have no idea, but this is what I read on one of the gazillion views about what

we may or may not need to be doing to be GDPR compliant.
Why have a privacy policy to be GDPR compliant?
A few reasons are because...
Our blog comments may include a name, email address, and/or IP address.
We may have 3rd party hosting like Bloglovin', etc.
We may have email signup forms like FeedBurner or Mailchimp.
We may have contact forms.
We may have plugins or tools for traffic stats like Google Analytics.

I am confident that Google will eventually get us BlogSpot users up to speed,
so I'll not be rushing or threatening to switch to another blog based site because they 
have their issues, too, and I'm not willing to exchange one problem for another.
Unless BlogSpot doesn't fix it and make my blog life easier.

Hang on for a while and it will be worked out.
It almost always is.

I like my blog how it is and I like the nice people who visit.
I want it back the way it was...easy.
Stay calm and keep blogging. I'd miss you if you go away.

UPDATE: Google announced that it is aware of the problems and is working
towards a solution that will hopefully arrive next week.  Yay!


  1. Posting here for follow-up comments.

  2. I'm still hanging - by a needle and a thread!!!!

  3. We could make each other rich, if we all were lawyers! Crazy...well let me restate that...crazier, but richer too! hahahahaha
    I'm here for you too!

  4. I'm here. I retired cause I was done with all this bureaucratic hog poop. I'll wait it out.

  5. I will wait because I am so technically challenged and have no other option than quitting which I am not choosing. Oy Vey!

  6. I think issues popped up that they weren't expecting. It will all get sorted out, it just may take awhile. Thanks for sharing all your research!

  7. I hope it gets fixed! It's all so ridiculous for the small bloggers. I seldom post anything anyway. I feel it's a person's choice to put out the emails and contact information all over the internet.

  8. Well said - I've got a long privacy policy on my blog. Better safe than sorry.
    Given time, this will all work out. We all have to adjust to a new way of contact.

  9. Yes! Good to hear that about Google. I'm just a reader (not a blogger) but it sounds like a tricky problem for all you wonderful bloggers. I sure do not want to loose you!

  10. Thanks for the info on the google announcement. The most frustrating thing from my perspective is that they didn't say anything. I appreciate you keeping me informed. I don't really want to start all over myself.


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