Friday, May 25, 2018

Little Boy Tie And Vest

Years ago I would sew almost all of my daughters' dresses, but with only one boy in the
house he rarely got anything homemade. Now that I have six grandsons, it was time to give
some boy sewing a try. This tie and vest were just the thing...easy and sew fun to make!

I'm sharing this vest and tie over at the Therm O Web blog today.
There are so many amazing paper and fabric project ideas on their blog...check it out!

Fabric: Windham Fabrics, Botany by Kelly Ventura
Pattern: McCall's pattern number 6873

If you have a light box for tracing that’s great, but using a window with sunshine outside
works, too. The iCraft Purple Tape has many uses for paper crafting, but it worked great for
holding my pattern and Stitch n Sew EZ Quilt Block Sheets in place while I traced. No residue
left behind, and that purple color is definitely a smile maker for me! While tracing, this was
the perfect time to make changes like narrowing the tie by about 1/2” in width.

Using Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Adhesive is a huge bonus when securing Velcro or buttons
in their proper place before sewing. Apply the adhesive, let dry, and sew in place…easy!

This little guy wasn't thrilled with his modeling job and tried to crawl away.

He held still for about five seconds...

Obviously, modeling isn't his "thing."


  1. Sew cute...the vest and the tie and of course your liittle Monkey Boy. Sewing for boys has never been my forte and now Therm-O-Web has made the job easier. Excellent job dear...<3

  2. He's such an adorable little boy and your vest and tie are beautiful. When my son was little I made a lot of his clothes. He loved dungarees and they were so quick and easy to make and less fiddly than the dresses for my daughters.

  3. Love the vest and tie! I used to sew for my daughters too, and now I sew for my granddaughters, but my poor grandson gets left out. A vest may be just the thing. Thanks for the inspiration, Carol.

  4. Think we should call him “Just let me crawl “. He is very cute in his vest and tie.

  5. What an adorable little boy, as is your vest & tie.

  6. If that isn't the cutest awwwwww....moment ever. He looks so cute in his new duds!

  7. He is so cute! I love the vest and tie!

  8. But he's such a handsome model. Fun sewing.

  9. OMG, Carol!! He is too darn cute even if he didn't really want to model. My nephew is getting married in August and maybe my great-nephew should have this outfit for the reception?! He will be 11 months old then - looks like about the same age group. LOVE!
    Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. That's a great project! It's really cute, too. I might have to try it for a little boy at church. He's a real cutie. You're starting his modeling career young, he'll work into it. LOL

  11. So cute! A few years ago my grandson was into wearing ties, so I made him a bow tie.Now he has no interest in ties.

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  13. Absolutely darling...the boy and the clothes!


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