Monday, April 16, 2018

Sweet Sixteen Is Here For The 30 Quilt Blocks In 30 Days Blog Hop

Today's the today for me to share my Sweet Sixteen block for the
30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop and I'm so excited about it!

Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks had this amazing idea to create 30 easy blocks
to sew into easy quilts. She's always rocking my world with her creativity!
She asked a whole bunch of us to grab a block and make a project.

The Sweet Sixteen block was a great block to get creative with. So fun!
Carla shared her tutorial for the block HERE.

I used this easy-to-sew block to make
Run, Duck, Run

This guy is ready to go!
Quilting was done by Barbara at Coral Canyon Quilting

Our adventure for taking pictures took us to a museum in Hurricane, Utah

The back was pieced with fabric used on the front...Andover Dimples

To make Carla's Sweet Sixteen block:

Sew 3” x 12” yellow rectangles to 3” x 12” white rectangles in order shown below;
press seams down. Repeat to make four sets.

Cut sewn rectangles into 3” strips as shown below. Repeat with other sewn rectangles.

Rotate every other strip and sew together as shown below’ match and nest seams.
Press seams to side. Repeat to make four blocks.

So easy!

You can find the rest of the instructions for Run Duck Run in my
Just Let Me Quilt Craftsy store HERE.

Project Designer

April 1st
Block 1- 4 Patch
April 2nd
Block 2 - Double Stuffed
April 3rd
April 4th
Block 4 - Dutch Door
April 5th
April 6th
Block 6 - Tacked Up
April 7th
Block 7 - Stripper
April 8th
Block 8 - Staggered
April 9th
Block 9 - Topsy Turvy
April 10th
Block 10 - Chunky Pinwheel
April 11th
Block 11 - Painted WIndow
April 12th
Block 12 - Broken Cinder Block
April 13th
Block 13 - Reaction
April 14th
Block 14 - Median Strip
April 15th
Block 15 - Center of Attention
April 16th
Block 16 - Bounce
April 17th
Block 17 - Sweet Sixteen
April 18th
Block 18 - Yeah Eights
April 19th
Block 19 - Weave
April 20th
Block 20 - Classic
April 21st
Block 21 - Spot
April 22nd
Block 22 - Cross Walk
April 23rd
Block 23 - Opposites Attract
April 24th
Block 24 - Possibility
April 25th
Block 25 - Camper Window
April 26th
Block 26 - Catching Z's
April 27th
Block 27 - Broken Stripes
April 28th
Block 28 - Stockade
April 29th
Block 29 - Dovetail
April 30th
Block 30 - Slow Tee


  1. What a cute quilt for a little one! So bright and cheerful!

  2. What an adorable name for your quilt. Just so cute!

  3. Aww... cute quilt! Love that little duck in the center and the pattern as a whole. What a nice setting for the Sweet Sixteen block (and the duck)! Hoping we get sunshine and warmer temps today--the sunshine in your photos looks wonderful.

  4. Cute quilt! Love the addition of the focus fabric!

  5. Such a fun quilt and sweet little duck. He will be well loved I am sure!

  6. Adorable! Great for a summer quilt :)

  7. This is super cute - I love the way you added the square in a square blocks (which in turn created a star....) and that adorable duck. You took a few simple blocks and combined them to make a really sweet, fun quilt!

    happy quilting ~ Tracy

  8. That is such a sweet baby quilt. I love the little duck in the middle. These blocks are so versatile.

  9. Another adorable project! Spring is definitely on it's way!

  10. I love this Ducky quilt. It is so cute.

  11. Love this! And he does look like he is running!

  12. Eye-catching quilt for a child and love the layout.

  13. Your quilt is so adorable! I love where you did the photography too!

  14. OMG, Carol, the cuteness is overwhelming with this quilt. You have such a designer's eye. What a fantastic way to use the Sweet Sixteen block. Thank you so much for joining in on the 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop and Quilt Along. Not just once, but twice! I can't wait to see your next creation too. THANK YOU, my friend, for a quilt rocking post!

  15. Adorable quilt and equally fascinating are the wagons!

  16. Love the cute duck. It makes a simple block super cute. Thanks for the pattern.

  17. What a cute little quilt! A fabulous way to use this block, and I love the duck :)

  18. A lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing your ideas for the block

  19. "Run Duck Run" is absolutely adorable from it's name, to the colors, to the way you used the Sweet 16 block, to the photo op. Great job!

  20. This is a darling, cheery quilt! We have a new grand-niece or -nephew coming and I'm on the prowl for the just-right quilt. Your duckling just zoomed to the short list.

  21. What a darling quilt!

  22. That makes a wonderful baby quilt for those times the parents don't want to know boy or girl! Thanks for that idea. I love Hurricane, and it looks like you found some great photo ops there!

  23. That duck is so sweet! And I love quilts made with 16 patch blocks. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  24. Such bright - full of color fabric - so cute! Thank you for sharing, Susan


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