Thursday, February 12, 2015

Elephants At A Stand Still

My Elephant Parade is at a stand still on my design wall because...

I already knew this, but I thought I had more of my white Robert Kaufman Kona in my stash. is all gone! Yikes!

Here they are, all stopped facing the SAME direction. Poor things!
They were just heading towards "the chocolate on the left" and now they can't reach it!

I went to FIVE quilt stores in my area and managed to get just three quarters of yard of white.

I had offers of all those other shades and brands of white fabric, but none of them matched
this project I had already started. Shame on me for not double-checking to make sure I had enough!

I still have to do some hand stitching on the quilt, so I guess I will work on that while I
wait to get more beautiful white Kona...not snow Kona, not eggshell Kona, or any of
the rest of those amazing Robert Kaufman Kona's.  Just plain white will do. 

Good thing I bought the whole quilt pattern so I won't fall way behind, but you can get the free quilt 
along patterns over at Sew Fresh Quilts if you'd rather do that. The directions are great and it has
 been fun to see what people are doing with their parade of cute elephants. 

Hopefully, my parade will get moving towards the chocolate very soon!


  1. Lovely parade walking in the same way. I am struggling with my small elephants, I have had some problems deciding of what fabric to choice.
    Have a great day Carol

  2. Super cute elephants. You can just use another white fabric. Or another light fabric. That's the good thing with quilting. Good luck. I'll start my elephants next week, I think.

  3. That is SEW CUTE ! I've got to get off my butt and get busy !!

  4. YUM! Chocolate - stand aside Ellies - coming through!

  5. These elephants are really being difficult for you. Who knew white comes in so many shades?! Now for chocolate...lots of shades of that too!

  6. Carol, your sweet pink and grey Elephant Parade is looking wonderful! I just love all your animals! They all look like they would love chocolate.. LOL.
    Sometimes when I order from Fat Quarter Shop (Where I buy my Kona solids) they get the order to me in only 2 days.

    1. Rosemary B here: is also ridiculously fast.

  7. This is lovely, such a fun quilt. Hope you get your right white soon.

  8. Rosemary b here:
    Ugh, I had the same problem here. The Kona's are different too, you have to check to make sure you do not get the "pfd" fabric.
    I under cut the borders for my star blocks last week. Some how.... lost my chunk of Kona white. So I search around for another Kona project that still had extra Kona.... not sure it was Kona, it looks weird, but I am giong to use super white batting and just move on. No one at quilt club noticed.

    this looks superb

  9. Ok, first off...this is looking sooo cute Carol, eeeeeppp!! Second, I hear you about shades o' white...been there. But third, 5!!! you have 5 local quilt shops..short sleeve walks and 5 quilt shops?? You are killing this poor Indiana soul, my friend. BTW, I'm using Kona SNOW, lol!

  10. Your elephants are so CUTE! I can't believe all 5 stores don't have enough white. You never know with those off brands what you get.

  11. I have 2 whole bolts if you need some! I keep the white and black always! :)

  12. OK that would just irritate me! I tend to buy lots of my white backgrounds I love at once. But then sometimes I do go scrappy. Love your elephants, your turtle is going to have a problem...he is going against the flow! Poor little guy.

  13. Hi Carol,
    I love your pink elephants and the chocolate thing *lol*
    Hopefully you'll get some white fabric soon.
    "finger crossing for you"
    Liebe Grüße

  14. Total love! I can hardly wait to see this one finished and quilted! blessings, marlene

  15. Sorry to hear about the white problem. Your color combo is beautiful! Pink/Green/Grey who can resist!

  16. It is so cute!! Five fabric shops and still not enough to finish, that makes me sad. :( I can't wait to see it complete.

  17. What a fun quilt! Lots of playing with fabric and thread--except the Kona you needed. One time my white fabrics didn't seem to match after the blocks were completed. Some a tad lighter or darker. So when I quilted it I used lighter thread on the darker blocks and lighter thread on on the darker blocks. It worked. It killed the difference.

  18. Your quilt is looking sew cute! There is no substitute for Kona white ... ;) Pat


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