Sunday, February 8, 2015

Elephant Babies And A New Blog Hop

I added 15 baby elephants to my stack for the Elephant Parade quilt along.
Of course, they are going the same way as the mama!
Thanks to those of you who told me it was "okay" to have ALL my elephants going one way.

 A while back I won the little fabric bundle I'm using for this quilt...Hug Me by Clothworks.
I've been holding on to it for just the right project...this is it!

The patterns are free over at Sew Fresh Quilts or you can buy the pattern. 
Come quilt along with the rest of us pachyderms!


Sew We Stitch announced a new blog hop yesterday, Tea for Two.
Mary from Needled Mom is cheering us on for this hop of vintage embroidery with
patterns by Cori from Chitter Chatter Designs. They are so beautiful!
Click HERE for all the details and sign-up information. Come join the fun!


The We Support You blog hop by Sew We Quilt ends this week, so be sure to check out all the
 creative projects showing our support for breast cancer....the whole schedule is over at 
Life in the Scrapatch...HERE.


  1. Pink Elephants on Parade! I love it. I am planning to make at least one pink elephant for my elephant parade quilt. I think which way the elephants walk is one of those decisions for one's personal quilty muse. Looking forward to more of your quilt ... :) Pat

  2. I'm loving all the elephants jumping around blog land. I may have to add that to my to do list... I think they should all go the same way. Just

  3. I think the pink elephants are fabulous!

  4. Ha...straying again are we? 15 you say?!! You rebel, you!! Such cutie little ones, I hope to get some made this afternoon myself. Thought of you this morning when I couldn't do my property walk because it's too icy...enjoy one today for me in your short sleeves!! :)

  5. Lovely hot pink elephants you have made. It´s so fun to sew them up. I have sewn a small hot pink elephant to night to. But my herd is so far only five big elephants and one small. The hardest part is to choose fabrics for them.

  6. Well the babies have to follow the mammas, right? Carol I love your pink elephants! Of course you know what song is stuck in my head now, thank you very much! :)
    "I can stand the sight of worms. And look at microscopic germs. But technicolor pachyderms is really too much for me!" LOL

  7. Adorable elephant blocks! I have been trying to resist but they are so darn cute!

  8. Pink elephants are in my dreams now. Can't resist much longer.

  9. Awww! Those baby elephants are so cute! Love that sweet heart fabric you chose to make them with. I am so looking forward to seeing them all headed in the same direction. Must be chocolate on the left?!!!


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