Thursday, October 3, 2013

In The Middle Of Chaos...

...thank goodness for my sweet Monkey Boys.

He's not only the best big brother, but he's also
an amazing helper. His younger brother is so awesome, too!.
They carried oodles of boxes down the stairs tonight
with no complaints. I just love those boys!

There are just 20 days until we move!
There are lots and lots of boxes marked "sewing room."
Where did all this fabric come from?

Today's the last day of the batiks many amazing projects!

Here's who's hopping today...

October 4

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  1. Aww Your Monkey boys are sweet. I got the cutest pattern the other day with monkeys on it...thought of you...I'll have to email you a picture !

  2. Such a sweet picture. Finzilla the youngest is so lost now that his big brothers are gone to school all day. They are such a tremendous help with him.

  3. Sweet monkey boys! Moving is such a pain.

  4. ohhh sweet they like bananas?


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