Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back When I Was Wonder Woman...

There was a time when I could make bread and homemade jam, 

have dinner in the oven and take a meal to a sick friend,
(these are zucchini boats--love them!)

sew a prom dress,

run kids to school and dance classes,
and mop the kitchen floor...


I thought those energetic days were long gone...until I sold my house.

My body and brain are on automatic pilot. Just when I think I cannot pack, lift, move, or shove one more thing, I get up and do more. Everyday I feel like Indiana Jones when he was so beat up he could only point to a few spots on his body that didn't hurt. Advil and ice are my best friends.

Sewing? Not much of that going on here. I have a little spot in the corner with my need-to-have stuff, but between lack of energy, time, and creative thoughts it doesn't get used much. Luckily, I had my Wicked projects almost finished before my packing began.

Enough of my whining!

Wicked is coming! Aren't you excited!


Lesley said...

Take care of yourself, Wonder Woman...thinking of you!

Katherine said...

You're still Wonder Woman in my books, Carol!
Hope the move goes smoothly and that you'll soon be settled in. Wonder Woman needs a day off!

Jacqueline said...

Amazing what you can do when you have to.. that is what makes us women..

Take care

Marcy said...

Carry on. Moving is a bad word. My next move will be feet first. :)

lefuntz said...

Move is a four letter word. And you are Wonder Woman so straighten up your tiara sweetie! Looking forward to wicked!

Corrie said...

Good luck with it all! It'll be over soon. And worth it!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Rosemary B here:
Well, You still are WONDERful.
Moving is exhausting.
Where did you move to? I see you did not buy any of the two houses for sale on my street.
Just focus on getting your new nest at least half way organized
then you will be on fire to start sewing

Needled Mom said...

Ah....don't you wish you still had that kind of energy? Hang in there. It will be over before you know it.

Judy B said...

Oh, I remember the day! Now it is put it off, there is tomorrow, LOL!

Kathleen said...

You're still Wonder Woman . . . it's just that now you wonder how the woman used to do it all!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I feel your pain. No, really. I feel it. I've been there and it hurts! blessings, marlene

sandra said...

Sometimes even Wonder Woman needs time off. The last time I moved I was 68 and I was just like you now ihave FM and Chronic Fatigue and can barely do much. I save all my energy these days for looking after my grandson and quilting. The rest gets done so I feel your pain too.
Take care and pace yourself I never did.
Good luck on your move. Blessings Sandra

Vickie said...


Now pump it up!

Pump that Carol spirit up!

(I'm a cheerleader now you know...)LOL

Ale jc said...

now on earth did I miss this one..ohhh I was in exams and had a few things blocking my view...
you just make my whole world smile...xx