Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wicked Batik Pincushions Are Coming!

I'm so confused!

This selling a house thing is driving me crazy...I've been boxing and cleaning forever!
I'm not sure if I'm coming or going, or if I already went, but I do know that there 
are some exciting blog hops coming our way that you won't want to miss.

There MIGHT be some wicked batik pincushions in the
Pin It Blog Hop'll have to come back on September 10th to see.

I hear That Other Lady has been pricking her fingers with pins just trying to 
make more pincushions than me...not that she's competitive or anything.

I'm sure there will be some wicked-looking or far-out batik projects
beginning on September 25th

Bawahaha...(did I scare you?) No? Darn!
Then go see the scary video That Other Lady made to get us all
excited for the Halloween blog hop...sign-ups will be coming soon.

This guy is ready for them all!


  1. EEEEKKKKK! Love your vulture. Her video was fabulous. Can't wait to see what you have created for the pincushion hop. I have the same problem not knowing if I am coming or going. Maybe we can figure it out together, because I am getting dizzy!!!

  2. I want to see more of the top pincushion ... pretty please with a cherry on top? I have to wait? That's a bummer, but the wicked awesome groovy batik pincushions are worth waiting for. I will just chill. You are moving to a new sewing pad? Far out! Take it easy ... :) Pat

  3. Good luck with the house selling. It is a pain, but worth it in the end.

  4. ohhh that is just that a have that scary bunny now a vulture...really Carol, you best sell soon and get into some new are scaring me lol

  5. Well that would be fun to see some Wicked Pincushions on the Pincushion or Wicked Blog Hop. Or a 60's batik pincushion or a wicked batik. Oh so many ideas of jumbling them all together, huh?

  6. Hope the house sells soon Carol! That vulture is scary!!

  7. Clever! Can't wait to see what you have. I had to have mine finished before I had to leave town, so I can't make any more pin cushions.
    I haven't even started on the Wicked blog hop projects, but hopefully I will get home in time to do something nice for it!
    Good luck in the house selling. That can be so stressful!

  8. Now you may have me confused...Wicked, Pincushions, Batiks???Oh MY?? So we can have wicked pincushions and Batik Wicked in both hops??/ Oh my, you girls are getting me all mixed up.

    I just ordered some Fall batiks and they came in yesterday!!
    Gmama Jane


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