Sunday, July 29, 2012

Think Christmas--My Turn! And Winner Update

It's the first day of Think Christmas AND it is my day to share my blocks--so glad you dropped by to visit! With temperatures around here reaching 110 degrees and up, it was a little hard to think snowmen and Christmas trees but it was great weather to make me want to stay inside and sew!

A special thanks to Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter for all her hard working putting this together
and to Madame Samm for making it all happen!

Paper piecing going on here!
-Two snowmen and a Christmas tree-
Those three 12 1/2" blocks turned into this runner:
Just a little something about me: I used to have an iguana who I rescued when she was about a foot long. She ended up around four feet long and her name was "Wanda", though I eventually found out she was a he. Ooops!
This was Wanda aka Juan
Lizards/iguanas (not real ones anymore) perch in various places in my house and in my yard, including this guy. He's watching over my little tree and as you can see, it is a paper pieced 6 /12" block.
I made one of these little gift blocks. No more.
All those trees kind of took over.
Yes, ALL those trees. I couldn't stop myself (which seems to be a common theme in
these blog hops) and ended up making around 30 cute little Dr. Seuss fabric trees.
This was one of my sneaky peeky pics--love that guy, obviously, since
I have quite a few Seussy kind of quilts in my house.
All those little trees became this Grinch Christmas Quilt
I had some Moda turnovers (see giveaway below to win a couple packs)
just shouting at me to become pinwheels, so these little blocks....
...turned into these two huge pinwheels (or spinning stars)
and hopefully, will turn into at least six more blocks....
Could I stop there? No, of course not!
Though I could never keep up with Madame Samm (who could?),
I just had to make these little paper pieced
blocks from Regina Grewe's Christmas collection.
They were so fun to make! Definitely more to come...
Oh, yeah, there's a giveaway, of course!
Two Moda Turnovers, "The Caroler", to ONE lucky winner!
The giveaway is now closed.
The winner is 

"I really love your Christmas tree quilt. And I'd like to win the fabric, always longing for more fabric. I'm your follower by e-mail."
An email has been sent letting her know she won.


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Lynn M said...

I love the table runner.

evelyn said...

Back again,taking a second look at some of my favorites. Can I ask you where to find the paper piece pattern for the snowmen and tree? I have never paper pieced, and thought if I started now, I might finish by Christmas!

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