Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bowls With Borders And Other Stuff

For those of you who were among the just under 170 people to sign-up for the Bowls With Borders Blog Hop, this is for you:
  • I still have a few people who haven't responded to let me know they got the pattern from Regina. If you haven't let me know, please email me as soon as possible.
  • Yes, you can stack as many bowls as you want. One, two, or one hundred! They are your bowls so stack them up until you're happy.
  • Yes, you can enlarge the pattern or make it smaller.
  • Yes, you can make them any color of fabric you want.
  • Yes, you can stack them tall, sideways, even upside down if you want to.
  • If you have a blog, make sure they show-up there on your posting day.
  • If you don't have a blog and I'll be posting your pics on That Other Blog, make sure you get them to me at least 2-3 days earlier than your post date. A week early would make me really happy and I'm nicer when I'm happy!
  • No, I won't have a tutorial--I'm just learning to paper piece, so you wouldn't want me to show you how-to do it. There are lots of methods out there in Internet land that should help you along.
  • Yes, you should probably start sewing the bowls as soon-as-possible because they are just so darn cute!
For those of you that missed being able to sign-up,
Regina Grewe's pattern for the bowls can be purchased
She has some other beautiful patterns that can also be purchased
and even some for free--check them out!  
It's hot outside--a dry heat, of course--and I've avoided going outside as much as possible. Since I've been forced to stay inside, I've been working on blog hop stuff. I stopped sewing on my bowls, because my time is coming up for the Think Christmas blog hop and I didn't want to wait too long and then be freaking out at the last minute. (I only freak out occasionally and it's not pretty, trust me.)

It was hard to set the bowls aside (I love them!),
 but now I'm having a great time sewing on Christmas stuff.
July 30th is my posting day
--the hardest part of a blog hop is having to wait to show your creations.  
The Red, White, and Blue Blog Hop is still going on--amazing stuff to see at these places today:


  1. I wasn't brave enough to sign up for this one but I can't wait to see what everyone creates!!

  2. I picked out some fabrics and am ready to start sewing my bowls. I have a feeling they will be like eating potato chips and I won't be able to stop! ;-)

  3. Carol, am really looking forward to seeing all those bowls. And yes, I think I am the only person in blogland not sewing a bowl, but I am sure looking forward to seeing them all! Will see you for Think Christmas!

  4. Where's the "like" button? :-)

  5. I started mine yesterday. I am up to 13 bowls. They are super fun to make! I am beginning to formulate a plan on what i am going to do. I'm glad I started early!!


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