Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Tumble

I wish it was a tumbler quilt that I had been sewing, but no, it was more like an old lady (me) tumbling down the stairs. Last week I was coming downstairs (I hate stairs!) and for some reason I thought I was on the last step, but I was two steps up from the bottom. I hit the ceramic tile floor pretty hard with my right foot and came down with all the grace of a cow, landing fully on my knees. And my hands.

Nothing is broken (I got x-rayed), but I had to hobble around for two days at work looking like Igor. After painfully walking around all day, my boss told me "if you don't feel well tomorrow, call an ambulance to bring you in." He really said that! He had good reason, though, since we had a HUGE meeting and I'm the note taker, video set-up person, make it all work person, etc. I made it to work (totally in pain) and did my job. I still can't get on my knees (no floor scrubbing for me) or walk on hard floors without limping, but I'm better than I was last week. Sewing has been tough, but today I managed to whip up a few red, white, and blue squares.

Anyway...whine, whine, whine.I am excited to take a little vacation and spend the next five days sewing and just relaxing in the red hills of Utah. Hmmm.....maybe I should make another tumbler quilt.

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  1. Just reading through your blog after entering the giveaway. I'm sorry you hurt yourself and I'm also sorry that I laughed at your boss saying to get an ambulance into work!


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