Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From Here, To There, To There, To ......

I've started following more blogs since I joined that hop thingy at Madame Samm's. Hours seem to fly by as I stalk visit other blogs that are linked to other blogs, that are linked to other blogs, that....you get the picture.

There are some really funny and creative blogs out there. My whole world has opened up by doing this blog stalking hopping thing. I'm loving it, but I'm just wondering how anybody finds time to sew, blog, clean, work, or whatever when there are just so many wonderful places to visit.

Got to go. Somebody just posted something on their blog.


  1. I know what you mean. I find myself blogging more then sewing these days, so I try to read and join blogs from work when things are slow and I blog late at night after I have cooked and cleaned. I find that sometimes I just have a lot to blog about and some days nothing.

    1. I check out the blogs during slow times at work, too, and I'm with ya on the reading--I love to read!


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