Monday, April 30, 2012

The Shiny Quilt

My life is pretty dull and uneventful, I'm kind of shy, I don't like too much attention directed towards me and I wear dark colors to avoid that attention, yet I'm thinking that I must have been some flamboyant diva in another life. Why else would I pick out such bright colors for some most of my quilts? My closet is full of bright fabrics (like Laurel Burch, whom I love!) Not complaining, just saying.....

I dropped my Laurel Burch fabric quilt (so shiny!) off at Quilted Works the other day to be quilted. Katelyn (she's so dang cute!) suggested gold thread which will make it even more shiny--love it! They are a busy place, so it could be quite a few weeks before this baby is back home with me.

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