Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spinning Around

I've had so much fun visiting blogs since this Ghastlie Blog Hop started. I've been inspired to try new things and have started following some amazing blogs. Only problem is.....I've had vertigo all week and it's been hard to sew. If I tip my head down too far, the room starts to spin (or maybe it's me that's spinning.)  While out there blog hopping, I found that there are fabric boxes to make, aprons that look so fun, new quilt squares to try, bags to make (though I'm not good at the bag making thingy), Ghastlie's to frame, and, and, oh my, the list goes on and on!

Sigh....I so want to sew.

Madame Samm has done an amazing job of putting together this Ghastlie event. I've loved it and am so grateful for her hard work on this fun blog hop.

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  1. That is just so wonderful. It's hard to say which is better-- the crazed facial expression of the man with the bell, or the woman holding a knife with an owl on her head. It reminds me very much of Steve Aylett's books.


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