Friday, October 28, 2011

Pampered Pooch

I bought these little charms (on sale) from the Quilt Cottage in Utah way back in September 2009, but I could never really get excited about what to make with them. They are an odd combination (in my opinion) of colors and designs, but I thought I would think of something to make with them since they were such a good deal.

Nothing really connected on what to do with them, but after watching Suzanne from Designs Originals on You Tube, I thought I'd at least use them to practice her technique of a 10-minute square. She used larger squares, but since I had these that's what's going into this quilt.

It takes five squares, one a different color for the center.
Fold the center piece in half.
Sandwich the folded center piece between two squares,
raw edges together. Sew down one side.
Sew the other side of the folded center between two
more squares. Clear as mud, right?
This is what it should look like when you've sewn the two sides,
sort of a little bridge.
Grab one square from each side, opening up the folded piece
to create a little pocket.
It should look like this. Pinning makes it a lot easier, though
I tend to be a non-pinner in most of my sewing projects.
Carefully sew across all the layers and avoid catching
pieces you shouldn't (this I know from experience.)
When you open it up, it looks like this. Magic!
Iron it nice and flat, making the corners line up with the seams.
You can straight seam sew around the edges, make them
into cathedral windows (whatever that is), or use a
decorative stitch around the edges like this.
These are some of the oddly colored/patterned squares that I now need
to arrange into a little boys quilt. The other squares in the
charm pack are girly colors, so I'll use them for a little girl quilt.
 To be continued........

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