Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Say What? A New Blog Hop

 That Joan...she can really challenge us, right!

It's time to get "Wordy" on this one...check it out!

Sign-ups are now open for our April Challenge hop.
Say What?
We have all heard that our quilts speak to us, so just what are they saying?
Join our April "Sew It - Show It" challenge blog hop and tell us your story.

You can share a story or show us a project or technique that you can't believe you tried. 
Or how about a quilty word project. 
There are so many different ways you can interpret this hop.

We would love for you play along, so if you want to participate,
Send an email with "Say What" in the subject line. Your name, your blog name, 
your blog address (https://...) and a date preference, if you have one. 

Go sign up now! You know you want to.

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