Sunday, January 29, 2023

Steampunk Meets Benartex Tote Bag

Most of you who join in our blog hops know that I love almost any kind of challenge with fabric, so when Benartex asked their ambassadors to get creative with their logo and tote bag, I jumped right in.

I have a "thing" about unusual things, including Steampunk. It seemed perfectly natural to Steampunk that logo...yes, it did!

Can you see their logo?

Solid fabrics give me a lot of freedom to be creative with my applique designs.
Using the Benartex "New Hue" by Kanvas Studios for this tote opened up a gazillion possibilities!
Gorgeous colors!

This seemed like a perfect "prop" for a Steampunk tote bag.
It's from the Hoover Dam construction and can be found Boulder City, Nevada.

Check out the other ambassadors' totes on the Benartex blog, Create, Inspire, Delight!


  1. What a great tote. Love the steampunk vibe and you do it well! You did the logo perfectly... twice!

  2. This tote is too cute, Carol! I love all the pretty solid colors in your box! Perfect photo setting, too!

  3. You sure rocked this project! Those solids are incredible and I love what you did with them on the tote bag!

  4. Love that tote, Carol! Nice job with the Benartex logo! And, wow, that's a lot of solids to play with in that box!

  5. Steampunk is just plain fun!! I'd make this now if I had the pattern! Love it!!

  6. What a fabulous lot of fabrics! Love your very creative tote.

  7. I love this! You did a fabulous job steampunking the logo and making your signature bag!

  8. That is great, and your photo op spot is SO perfect! Thanks for showing and directing our attention! I'd love that box of fabrics, too. You wouldn't have to count it in a stash reduction. LOL


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