Thursday, October 20, 2022

Sew It-Show It And Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

We were going to change up the blog hops a little and limit it to just 20 people, but we listened to 
what some of you were feeling about it. Yes, we do listen! We don't want you feeling like you'll be 
left out, so we won't put a limit (within reason) on how many join our challenges. 

The challenges will be once a month for four days. We are so excited to see what you sew!

We've been challenging our blogger friends each month and they never disappoint.
The name has changed but we'll still be hopping around to see what you're making.

Sew It-Show It, we'll be looking for bloggers each month who want to meet our challenges
and share their creations. We love having so many of you be a part of our challenges!
Giveaways just might/will be included, too!

If you've never joined a challenge or blog hop, we'll help you learn what to do.
They are easy and you meet the nicest people.

I'm hosting another Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Challenge: (recipes are optional)
You can share a recipe or not.
Share Christmas quilts or projects.
Tell us about your Christmas traditions.
Show off your Christmas decorations/tree.
Spill your funny Christmas stories.
If it's about Christmas, we want to hear about it!
Email me if you want in.


  1. Thank you. I was concerned about not being able to participate, and I won't try every time, but I do like doing the hops when I can, and this sounds like a great tweak.

    1. We had some time and scheduling problems, but we fixed it the best we can. Thanks for participating when you can. There's always a spot for you.

  2. How wonderful, Carol. I so enjoy visiting and being inspired by all of the bloggers. Thank you and the other ladies for organizing and hosting the blog hops. You all put so much work and thought into each and everyone and that truly means so much.


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