Saturday, July 2, 2022

World UFO Day July 2nd

Yes, it is World UFO Day...I never knew such a thing existed! July 2nd is the approximate date in 1947 that aliens landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Apparently people go out to watch the skies for UFOs. Interesting, though I think I'd freak out if I actually saw something!

I have made a few alien quilts over the last few years, so it seems appropriate to reshare them today.

A UFO in the quilting world is an unfinished object like a quilt that's not quite completed. Most quilters have numerous ones of those in their closets or drawers.

Joan at Moosestash Quilting is having an UFO blog hop this month. I'm sure we'll see lots of amazing finished projects, maybe even some with aliens on them. She might have some openings...check with her to see!

I have an UFO from 2016 I put yellow binding on yesterday. It's ready for the blog hop. That was all it needed and I just didn't around to it. I have a couple of those...crazy!

Happy sky watching tonight!


  1. Your quilts are out of this world! Very pretty. Getting one of my UFOs completed for the blog hop.

  2. Only twenty minutes stitching to finish mine. See you at the hop.

  3. I've been working at some UFOs as well, and I didn't even know I was working on them on UFO Day--hee, hee. Hope to join the UFO hop in July. I enjoyed seeing your space quilts again!

  4. LOL!! Who knew? I was actually working on my own UFO's yesterday too. Not the ones that fly, but the ones that take up so much space in my sewing room. You have done the best UFO quilts I've ever seen. I really do believe you might just be their non alien leader! :-)

  5. Hi Carol! Well, well, well. Who ever heard of such a thing?!! Not only that, but I'm going to reach out and see if there might be a spot in the blog hop. Maybe that will motivate me into actually having a finish. It might be alien, an alien, or an unfinished project. Thanks for sharing your pretty finish today, and the gentle nudge. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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