Sunday, March 20, 2022

My Corner Of The World In Photos

My corner of the world in photos includes last week's hourglass project from the "Time in a Bottle" blog hop. The whole week was inspiring, beautiful, and fun! I love seeing how everyone meets the blog hop challenges. You can see all the participants HERE.

I used Benartex "Ale House" for my project that included Dresdens and hourglass blocks that were full of peanuts, pretzels, and cool fabrics with "ale" products.

The photoshoot was in Boulder City, NV, where there was a giant bunny, scorpion, and other desert critters. It was so fun to hike out there that we took my niece and her family there this weekend. They came from Arizona for a soccer tournament in Las Vegas and we were so lucky to have them stay with us!

We took time to look at all the other desert critters, like this tortoise. I love these three people!

The Gila Monster prompted some tongues to be stuck out by these two cuties. 
The sky was getting darker and darker, so we walked a little faster to see everything.

The wind almost blew us off the rattlesnake who is way bigger than any snake I ever want to see!

The Horned Toad brought the child out in my husband. 

It was so detailed!

No sign of the coyote. just the roadrunner.

That dang scorpion was still there!

They loved the big bunny!

The little Monkey Baby is getting big too fast!

Poor Bruster had some dental work done. He looked so pathetic.

This bloomed in my front yard...loving it!

The next two blog hops...hurry and sign up. You know you want to!

Shhh...this one is for June.

I'd love to see your world in photos!


  1. Love those sculptures- what fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pics!! Awww, Monkey Baby is a little doll, and poor Bruster. Hope he feels better soon.

  3. Those sculptures are so cool..
    Well - not a fan of the rattler.. haha!!
    sounds like an amazing time!

  4. So wonderful to see such happy photos. I hope Bruster is doing much better already.


  5. Those photos are such fun and such a fun place to hike and take photos.
    Buster is so funny with that look.



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