Monday, February 15, 2021

Cackling Stitches "Hagatha's House" Block Of The Month Info

There is a lot of prepping going on behind the scenes for the "Hagatha's House" BOM. My friend Joan from Moosestash Quilting and I have a fun group on Facebook called "Cackling Stitches" where it is all about Halloween. It is so inspiring when people share their Halloween projects!

We have occasional "Wicked Wednesday's" where we share a thing or two, but our biggest event is our block of the month, "Hagatha's House", that will start March 1st and end September 30th. It's not a mystery quilt because we found that most people wanted to see a finished project upfront.

Joan used batiks in her quilt and it looks awesome. Check it out on her blog, Moosestash Quilting. I used Moda Grunge fabrics, which I totally love!

Hagatha's House
60" x 70"

Whoops, I left my broom on the ground! I bought it from my friend, Brenda, who's husband handmade it. It's so amazing to ride!

You can find the supply list HERE if you want to join along with the rest of us wickedly crazy Halloween lovers.

Here's how it works:

The BOM will run from March 1st to September 1st.

On the 1st day of each month we will release block patterns that will be free until the next block(s) is released.

Once new blocks are released, the previous month's blocks will no longer be free. They will be available in our Etsy stores at a cost of $2 for each month's worth of blocks.

On October 1st the entire pattern will be combined and sold in our Etsy stores for $10.

We hope you appreciate the time we put into creating the BOM quilt and understand that we are keeping the costs to a minimum. If you're quick to get the patterns during the month they are free, there will be no cost to you.

Check out our Cackling Stitches Facebook group for some very witchy stitchy kind of projects!


  1. This is such a fun quilt. I wish I I could join you but my schedule is unpredictable.

  2. A spooktacularly fun quilt design! I’m not likely to make the quilt, but you both have done a great job designing it. I am looking forward to that frog block release. I see him on a postcard dontchaknow. He is awesome!

  3. Love this quilt and hope I will be able to keep up with the blocks each month. I need a Halloween quilt--why not this one? Love the frog, the sewing machine, etc., etc!

  4. This is such a cute quilt. I can't wait for March 1st to arrive. Fabric gathering starts NOW!

  5. This is adorable!!!!! I love it!

  6. So cute!! I love it in both batiks and grunge!!

  7. I saw both of your quilts on FB. I love both grunge fabrics and batik fabrics. They both look Bootiful and Spooktacular, lol! I will be saving the blocks, but don't know if I will make them all, but I am sure to make some. Thanks Caro l& Joan!


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