Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Coolest and Prettiest Hippos In The Pond

It seems like there's always got to be a cool or pretty one in a group and these two hippos
 are just that. Blend Fabrics "Congo Hippos" make these two hippos stand out from the rest
 of the hippos in the pond. You'll love this fabric designed by Katy Tanis. It's 100 per cent 
cotton  and perfect for quilts, clothing, or home pillows! 

"The Coolest Hippo in the Pond" sports a dapper hat and hip glasses, 
so of course he's admired by the other hippos in the neighborhood. 

The Prettiest Hippo in the Pond" doesn't act like she thinks the cool guy is 
all that great, but she secretly adores him! 

I always use Heat n Bond Lite, Iron-on Adhesive for all my applique projects.

You can find PDF downloadable patterns for "The Coolest Hippo in the Pond" and "The Prettiest Hippo in the Pond" HERE and HERE.


  1. Dapper and Pretty Hippos are so cute! What a fun pillow idea for young one’s rooms. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents dear.

  2. Oh the cuteness overload !! I love them!!! you are just so creative!!!

  3. Carol,

    These are adorable and I plan to make baby quilts with them. Thank you for sharing the design and patterns.


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