Sunday, March 15, 2020

Selling, Packing, Moving, And Other Adventures

I feel like I've been out of the loop on what's happening in the quilting world,
mainly because we sold our house and have been busy packing and moving.
I try not to be too wordy in my posts, so you can move along if this is too much for you.

I can't believe how much stuff we had! Kris at Kris Loves Fabric asked me if that U-Haul was for
my fabric. Such a silly girl! No, I needed a bigger truck for all my fabric and sewing essentials!
We'd already sent a bigger truck load to Las Vegas a few days before we officially moved.

We hadn't planned on selling our house, though we knew we would eventually so we could
move closer to family. A realtor I'd dealt with before called me to say he had someone
interested in our house. A three car garage is a golden bonus and they wanted that feature.

The realtor brought a couple over, they looked, talked it over, and then they put in an offer
contingent on them selling their house. They sold their house which then threw us into a
panic of packing and getting rid of stuff. I thought we'd pretty much thinned out things,
but I was so wrong! We have a 10' x 30' storage unit for most of our stuff, but we also have
some in a small garage. So crazy...I need to thin out more eventually.

The day before moving we discovered a roof leak. I thought I was going to have to get out my little
 white strait jacket when I discovered it. Luckily, a handyman came over and fixed it and the buyers
approved it. Unfortunately, the realtor called me yesterday and said it wasn't fixed after all.
The rain has been pretty intense, so it's good and bad that this showed up now.
It's in the eave behind the stucco, so no damage in the house or garage.

We're hoping to resolve this soon (or I will need dinners brought in and comfort messages.) LOL

A few months ago my friend, Barbara, asked me if I'd do a trunk show for her guild. Since I'd 
never done a trunk show or been to a trunk show, this was kind of scary but I told her I would
do it. It was set for March 12th which was several months away, so no big deal.

It turned out to be a big deal because we sold our house and the closing was set for...
MARCH 12TH! It was a crazy day, but I loved the trunk show and the ladies were so kind.
I was so tired, but it was really fun!

A really big surprise was when one of the ladies, Nickie, asked me if I knew Carla Henton.
(Carla is from Creatin' in the Sticks)

I might have squealed a bit that of course I knew Carla, worked with Carla, loved Carla, did blog 
hops with Carla, and blabbered all over the place about Carla! Nickie said Carla used to do her 
hair years ago before she moved to a small town in Southern Utah. Seriously, such a small world.

We landed two days ago in a two bedroom condo in Las Vegas until we figure out where we want
to buy/move. This is not going to work for long because there is barely room for me to sew.
This is what my bedroom/sewing room looked like after my family helped empty the small 
trailer into our condo. Some of my sewing stuff is still in the living room, hallway, 
storage unit and the small garage. Again...crazy!

We luckily had a shelf in the garage that I could use to somewhat organize the stuff.
I have a few deadlines to meet, so I'm anxious to get sewing! Yes, it still looks chaotic, I know.

Carla and I took a little break this month from blog hops to let our sweet friend, Joan, 
at Moosestashing Quilting host "Making Us Laugh." Somewhere in the pile of boxes and 
containers is my project and plan. I better get busy! We'll announce another blog hop soon.

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And then there's "The Virus."

We didn't want to pack up a lot of food, so we'd been slowing down with our shopping. The day
after moving we hustled to the grocery store, along with a lot of other people, and picked up some
food to keep us fat and happy while we hunker down to keep our germs away from other people's
 germs. There was no meat, no toilet paper, paper towels, and quite a few empty shelves.

Only one person was freaking out, everyone else was just getting enough food to get by and not
overloading their carts to horde food/supplies. My family is okay with food and we will share what
we have to keep them fat and happy, too. Monkey Boys are out of school, but we can't even go
 anywhere with them. Bummer! Hopefully, it will not be as bad as China and Italy have endured.

We just need to stay calm and do what we need to do to move on with life sooner rather than later.
P.S. We have plenty of toilet paper if you were worried about us. No pallets of it, but enough.

Well, that dragged on, I know, but I'm done now. Thanks for visiting!


  1. What a small world to meet someone who knows Carla. Oh no roof leak! Hope it gets fixed to everyone's satisfaction. Glad the move is kind of over, at least temporarily. Um I haven't moved and my sewing room kind of looks like that. Hugs sweetie.

  2. !!No me puedo imaginar de traslado de casa¡¡
    Paciencia y mucho ánimo

  3. If you lived in Northern Virginia or even West Virginia, you could go for a walk in the woods. It has been super nice for that.
    Otherwise, I have been keeping busy as we all have stuff we need to do
    I wish you plenty of luck in your camping experience. We have lots of hoarding problems here too. fortunately for me, before this whole virus thing even started, I had stocked up on double 4 packs of Lysol wipes at Costco one for daddy's place, so we were set for that, and I found some interesting 2 for deals and bought two bread, two packs TP.... very odd and lucky for me. Of course, the perishables will be depleted and then we will be out hunting and foraging.
    There are plenty of fun things to do with grand babies on the internets, and wow, we are so lucky to have TV TV and more TV to keep us learning and entertained. I hope you got a screaming good deal on the house.

  4. When it rains it pours as they say. I hope you get settled into your life again soon and find a nice place to live there in Vegas. Probably not many people moving now with everyone at home and so many places closed. That should give you plenty of time to go house shopping online at least. Stay healthy!

  5. What a blessing, Carol, to be able to move closer to your family, and to sell your house so quickly. Sorry to hear of the roof leak but it will be resolved soon, hopefully. Glad you are kind of settled in - at least for now!! Stay safe - and corona-free! We just had our first confirmed cases here in Alabama on Friday. And yesterday went from 13 to 22 cases in less than a day. We went grocery shopping Friday and it was a madhouse! But, we have essentials and hopefully the stores will restock and we can go again in a day or two. My daughter is a speech therapist with our school system, so she gets a coronacation also. Her three are so used to being on the go, and now that will be slowed immensely by this, so she may go stir crazy! LOL I told her she could bring them here and they could run in the woods and play with Chloe. She loves it when they visit and sleeps a lot when they leave! LOL

  6. Wow, you have been on a roller coaster! Moving is not to be taken lightly. We moved from Illinois to Alabama almost 7 years ago to be near our oldest daughter. But you have another move ahead of you from condo to your permanent home. Enjoy your family:) Nancy A:

  7. Hi Carol! What a nice newsy update. BIG {{hugs}}} to you and DH. What an exciting roller coaster, and I'm sure the roof will be fixed in no time. What are the odds that would happen right when you're selling it? 150%. Now you can just take your time and find your perfect place to settle in. Eek - I still haven't started my project for the hop . . . and it's a chore to sew right now. But I need to shake that off as we all need some uplifting and laughs right about now. Stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Certainly a big upheaval for you - I hope you find your project for the hop!

  9. OM goodness, I wouldn't want that moving. Up-ending your sewing room does seem the worst!! Stay safe...

  10. Wow, what a ride!!! If the market in Las Vegas is anything like the market in Reno, they are saying that the prices are dropping because of COVID-19 and buyers are afraid to even go look at houses. It might work in your favor with lower prices!!

  11. That is a whirlwind event! Good luck as you search for a new home.... So funny about Carla. This blog hop will be a wild one and I need to get sewing on my piece!

  12. I have been out of the loop. What a big change for you. What a time to be moving! May you soon be in your new home with all your fabric and essentials right at your fingertips. I would love to see a trunk show of your quilts ... <3 Pat

  13. Oh my!! i think you are handling all of this very well - and am sending a hug along to you - what upheaval!! But in the end... you will be all settled and making beautiful things again!

  14. It was great meeting you! We sooo loved having such a talented lady show her drool worthy designs! So dang cute! Thank you for sharing with us!


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