Sunday, November 10, 2019

Stitch It And Gift It Blog Hop Day

I love blog hops because it gives me the pleasure of visiting my favorite bloggers and soak in 
their inspiring creations. It's like being a part of a quilt guild without leaving home! This blog hop, Stitch It and Give It, is a wonderful hop created by my friend, Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks. 
She always rocks my world with her creativity!

Coming up with something to stitch and give wasn't hard at all. Most of my quilts end
up in the hands of other people anyway. I've given quilts to almost all my nieces and their
children, so I decided it was Beth's turn to get a quilt. She wanted shabby chic. Hmm...

What stumped me about the shabby chic thing was that though Beth has been called a
"Princess" from time to time, she's a police officer that I definitely wouldn't want to mess with.
I love this feminine side of her!

Riley Blake Designs "Granny Chic" seemed like a perfect fit for this quilt.

It has been years since I've shown an unfinished project, so I apologize on this one.
It was bigger than I could quilt and the quilt shop has a nine week back-up on quilting.
Whoops...I waited too long! Luckily, we stopped at the park for a quick photo
of it before I dropped it off for quilting. I'll show it when it gets finished.

I used my new Crafter's Edge Crossover II to cut my favorite border pieces.
The squares and rectangles were perfect and then sewed together without any misshapes.
I love how small the dies are and how easy they are to use and store.

There's been a few Christmas celebrations where I went big on the gifts, but we've also had
our share of small gift giving. Sometimes it's because of money, or lack there of, or because
 we just wanted to keep things small and not have it be overwhelming.
That's what I want this year.

I've made these small bags and whatever will fit in them is what they will get.
Of course, I might throw an extra gift or two towards the youngest of the Monkey Boys.
They might not understand small gifts from grandma.

They are big enough for a gift card, ornament, money, or a note telling them to
"go to the garage for your new car." LOL That's not happening at my house!

The bags can be made any size but because I wanted small, I cut my squares at 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".

What you’ll need: 
1 fat quarter or scrap of fabric at least 6½” x 6½”

Fabric cutting instructions: 
Cut 2 – 6½” x 6½” square

All seams are sewn 1/4” unless otherwise noted.

Draw Strings: 
Ribbon or string, 1/4" to 3/4’ wide, cut one 20”

Be sure to visit the other blogs for some amazing gift ideas to sew!

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  1. Love the quilt for Beth. There is something very special about making a quilt for a family member or close friend. I love the bag idea and may use it as the family agreed we want a slimmed down Christmas enjoying each others company rather than large and expensive gifts.

  2. A lot of love is stitched Into family quilts and she’s going to be over the moon when she receives this beauty!

  3. Morning Carol from a very wet and flooded Derbyshire UK! I love your quilt and I am sure your niece will love it. This time of year we all run out of time to get things completed.

    Love the little gift bags too. I make bags in all shapes and sizes for the very same thing the last three being for Easter for our older Boys!!! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

    Happy Hopping.

    Hugs, Susie x

  4. Lovely quilt for Beth, Carol. I'm sure she'll enjoy it. And cut little bag too, thanks for the instructions. Have a great day.


  5. Beautiful quilt, and thanks so much for the bag instructions!

  6. That's a great pattern to showcase those gorgeous fabrics! I like the idea of if it fits in a gift bag it's ok to give!

  7. Neat quilt, Carol. I'll enjoy seeing the finished product. The colors are lovely. I've always thought about gift bags, but haven't done that with gifts yet. It's a really good idea for our kids who fly home. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The idea of simplicity for the holiday sounds so lovely to me! Less buying and more time focusing on the family and being together is what I wish for this year! But yet again, the little ones of course get treated with more than others. Their joy!

  9. Your niece will absolutely fall in love with that quilt. I am. Great tutorial and love the easy to read diagrams for the drawstring bag. It's a great gift idea. Thank you so much, my friend.

  10. Thanks for the instructions for the gift bags. I always like to make gift bags for small gifts. My grandchildren live so far away, I always just send money. However, having a cute bag, would be a special something from me, to put the check in.

  11. What a pretty quilt! Thank you for sharing today.

  12. Beautiful quilt, and thanks so much for the gift bag instructions!

  13. Very cute Granny Chic quilt. The scallops in the border add a nice touch. I always love your ideas. You are a very creative gifter and quilter ,,, :) Pat

  14. Love the little bags, and the Granny Chic fabrics. Enjoying the blog hop also.

  15. Beth is going to love her quilt!! I really like the gift bags...just perfect for those special little things we love to gift!

  16. Oh! What a great idea for a gift bag! I love it -- thanks for sharing! :)

  17. What a fun name "Granny Chic" maybe cause it hits so close to home for many of us! LOL!! Your quilt is adorable and will be well loved.
    Tis the season for the quilt shops. I'm sure their longarmers are working double time right now. Love your little treat bags for the tree too. I see a few of them in my future!
    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  18. Thanks for the tutorial on the gift bags. It will come in handy this Christmas for sure.

  19. Lucky, Beth! That's a GREAT quilt that she'll be getting. Nice job on those fabric gift bags, too!

  20. Oh, Carol, I love the fabric you chose for this quilt! Beautiful colors,a beautiful pattern choice, and your border looks great! Your niece will love it! Your Christmas Bags are the perfect gift card holders for all those "older" children on my list. Love that fabric print! Do you know the name of the fabric?

  21. Hi Carol! Love, love, LOVE that Riley Blake fabric. OMG - Beth is going to be thrilled with this quilt. What a nice pattern to highlight all of those fab fabrics but it's still a generous size for snuggling. I love those shapes around the border, too. Win/win in my book - I look forward to seeing it all finished. I also adore the small bag idea! We've moved away from gifts except for the littles, but it's nice to have just a little something, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  22. Gift bags are the ticket; I thank you for the clear instructions for them. Can't wait to see the quilted quilt.

  23. Wonderful quilt and I like the idea of the fabric gift bags.

  24. A lovely quilt. And thank you for the gift bag instructions.

  25. Oooh, Carol, those bags are perfect for shoebox giftwrap! I might have to hurry and make at least a couple! What a wonderful quilt that is. I've been seeing a lot of Riley Blake collections that I like - probably right here on your blog a lot of the time. That is one of them!

  26. Neat quilt and pretty fabric. Love the idea of the drawstring bags.

  27. Love the quilt and the little bags, Carol! Most of my quilts are not mine either! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  28. Lovely quilt, Carol. It will be treasured. The little gift card bags are such a good idea. Yes, I doubt the little monkey boys would find them interesting. lol

  29. Beth's quilt seems perfect! Too bad you didn't get it quilted but it will be soon and that's all that matters.

    The little gift bags are perfect. Thanks for sharing them.

  30. I LOVE your Granny Chic quilt SO much!

  31. Sweet gifts, and pretty quilt. I like the idea of small gift bags. Have a great holiday season!

  32. What a great idea for a small gift - thanks for the tutorial!

  33. it's always fun, when a blog hop leads me to you. you always have wonderful things to share. thank you 🎄

  34. Love making fabric bags for all types of gifts at Christmas and then they can be used for storing holiday decorations. Thank you for hopping and blogging.

  35. Beautiful quilt, love the fabrics. Those small bags are so sweet. Thanks for sharing how to put them together. I'm new at making bags. I think I could make those. My boys would love to find a car in the garage with their name on it. lol

  36. The quilt is wonderful and will be loved, who wouldn't love it. And little fabric bags are one of the most useful gift containers ever.

  37. Those fabrics are lovely! Great pattern. It will be beautiful quilted up! Wonderful idea for gifts this year too. I like simple Christmas. Gives you more time to focus on the real important things, like time with family.


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