Wednesday, October 9, 2019

It's Day Four Of The Halloween Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop

My inner werewolf has come out during the Halloween Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop,
because I've been howling with joy at all the amazing Halloween inspiration.
I'm having the best time seeing what my favorite bloggers are making!

I'm hosting Bethni today because she doesn't have a blog.
I'm so excited to have her here today!

 Hi all!!  My name is Bethni Lee, and I live in Rougemont, NC.  I've been quilting (piecing, mainly)
 about 4 years. I have 3 daughters, the youngest of which has Down Syndrome.  Like many of you, 
I began quilting as a way to relax, and have some "me" time away from the stressors of parenting. 
This is my first blog hop, and the first I've shown my work on a large scale.  Though it didn't turn 
out perfectly, and I had issues quilting the thing, it's perfectly imperfect, and I hope you enjoy it. 

      Much of the materials came from my stash, but they are from recent collections of Halloween 
prints.  I first cut out my 3 pumpkin shaped, and drew on the faces, using the words Trick Or 
Treat for the mouths.  I then used reverse applique to place the orange/yellowish batik behind the 
pumpkin top, trying to give it the look of a candle burning inside.  This was done with fusible 
stabilizer, layering the batik on bottom, the already cut out pumpkin right side up, then the 
fusible with the fusible side facing down.  I then stitched around the outside of the pumpkins, 
leaving a small space open to flip them inside out.

 After flipping, this is what they looked like 

Seeing that the colors blended in quite a bit, I stitched around the cut out faces in black thread to 
make the words more prominent. That also allows the inside edges to fray when washed, and 
give that appearance of the stringy insides of pumpkins. I next sewed my 2 background pieces 
together, and measured the pumpkins out evenly across. 

I was looking for border fabric, and though I loved those cats, I thought the border would 
end up making the project too big. So I had to find another. 

And this is it!!  At this point I still had the quilting left to go, which has quite honestly been the
 most frustrating thing of all time.  My little Brother machine does not seem to free motion well, 
and I ended up with horrible tension issues - even after doing numerous practice tops, changing
 the needle, thread, rethreading, replacing the bobbin, cleaning the machine, and a whole host of 
things to try to make it work.  Unfortunately,  I ended up having to do some straight line quilting 
just due to time issues.  

My middle girl, after seeing me so upset, said "Mom, I love it.  Just like  you say, it doesn't
 have  to be perfect, but the best to your ability. And I think its beautiful!!" 
Thank God for those moments, huh? After finally deciding to outline the pumpkins and trees, 
and do a crisp cross in the border, I was on my way quilting with my walking foot.  Not what I 
wanted, but hey…. Gotta do what you gotta do.      I then put on a black and white striped 
binding, and….. My Finished Project!! 

Quilting (on the half decent side anyway)

I still need to wet and fluff the pumpkin edges, but that can wait.  I think I'll call this 
"What Do You Say?" after many times using that question while trick or treating with my 
young kids, prompting them to say "TRICK OR TREAT!". Thank you so much Carol, for
allowing me to join in the fun!  I had a great time, learned a new applique method, and learned
 some things about posting on blogs too. Be sure to check out all the other posts from fellow
 quilters doing the Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop! 

Thanks, Bethni, for sharing this sweet (but spooky) project!

Wondering how to do this blog hop thing?
Start with the first name on the current day and click on it.
Once you're at that blog, see all the Halloween goodness and then click on
the next name on the list (they will have the list on their blog, too.)
Keep going to each blog (comments are very much welcomed) until you're done.

Come back the next day and start the process all over. It will last five days and be 
full of incredible sewing and quilting inspiration. Not all of it will be scary, so don't
be afraid to check them out. You will be in awe of everything, I'm sure!

Ready to go to the next stop? 

I have a giveaway!

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There's a Pinterest page for all this Witchy Stitchy madness HERE.


  1. I just love this project. I never would have thought to make the mouths from WORDS! The striped binding is to icing on the piece.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like it!

  2. Bethni, your project is absolutely lovely. For a first blog hop you sure did very well. Thank you for sharing your project with us.

    1. That comment has made me so happy!! Thank you for your kind words...I'm thrilled to know people are enjoying it. Thanks again!

  3. Bethni, your project is clever and lovely!

  4. Bethni, great runner, and it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I'm on cloud 9 right now...thank you for a wonderful comment!

  5. One of my favorite quilting teachers reminds all quilters to "Never apologize for your quilting." Bethni, it looks fine!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. This is sew cute, l think you did a great job showing visually like the candle burning inside, also loved that you used the letters great idea!

  7. Using the words for the mouths was truly inspired. Great project, Bethni.

  8. Hi Carol and Bethni (mostly Bethni!),
    What a fabulous table runner! It is so cute - I especially love the expressions on the pumpkins' face. Mr. Treat looks like you'd better not pick "Treat" or you'll be sorry. I have to agree with your daughter - nothing is wrong with this piece! Stop apologizing - it looks perfect. Straight-line quilting is fabulous, and I'll be doing some on two pieces this weekend. Finally, I'm so glad you joined in on the blog hop. I think Carol does a fabulous job organizing all of us, and I especially enjoy checking out everyone's post. There is so much creativity out there and we get a small glimpse of it on this hop. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. This is wonderful. It will be so fun to have around. I love it when one of our children repeat what we have said to them, we just found out that it has stuck in their little minds. I love it.

  10. I love your project and your quilting. Great job!!

  11. That’s a really cute idea. I like how you used the words for the mouths.

  12. Really cute and clever table runner! Love the fabric you choose for your background and your stitching looks spooktacular! Great job!

  13. Bethni I love this project. Very creative. Don't worry about the quilting, it does look good and your daughter is right. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. Trick or Treat pumpkins?! How adorably clever!! :)

  15. Bethni that is adorable, especially love the mouth treatment with Trick or Treat!

  16. I agree with your is wonderful!!! It is frustrating when the picture in our head doesn't translate to the quilt. I can barely do straight-line quilting with my Janome, which I why I bought a longarm 9 months after I pieced my first quilt!!! I don't know how anyone can quilt beautiful curves, swirls and feathers on a DSM. That you can do it in any way, shape or form is huge in my book!!

  17. Very cute. You did a great job and thanks for sharing.
    Carol O

  18. Great job Bethni, I think it turned out nicely! Thanks for sharing!

  19. This is a beautiful project. I think most quilters will agree that our visions are not always the way we go. I would like to think "your quilt spoke to you" and it is now just what it wanted to be. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Love your project Bethni,it looks fabulous.

  21. What an great pumpkin project!

  22. It looks wonderful! When my son was about 4, I did something wrong (dropped and broke something). I was upset at myself, but my son said,"It's ok mommy, everyone makes mistakes". That has stayed with me for about 23 years. He isn't someone who is usually positive and encouraging, so it meant a LOT to me. When we create, we strive for perfection, and accept happily the little imperfections.

  23. A beautiful project. I think you still did a fantastic job quilting it.

  24. I really like this little runner. I’m also happy you’ve been opening your blog to non-bloggers who want to participate. I may need to consider this in the future.

  25. Bethni, your project is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. TOO cute, Bethni!! If you need some real-life quilters, head down to the Hillsborough Senior Center on the 2nd or LAST Tuesday night of each month (January - November 6 - 8 PM.)

    1. Oh my gosh!! Thank you! I might just do that

  27. Very cute, the words for the mouth. Perfect Halloween table runner.

  28. I love your runner. Those pumpkins with their trick or treat mouths are the coolest. I. So glad you joined in on the hop. 👻👻👻

  29. Bethni Lee your project is perfect! I’ve been quilting for 30+ years and your free motion quilting blows mine away. You completed this and you have three children, WOW very impressive. Great blog hop, thanks for participating.

  30. Super cute jack-o-lanterns for sure. I'm sorry that the machine was a trouble maker. Some days just seem to work that way, but you, Bethni handled it perfectly. Love the quilting.

  31. Such cute pumpkins and beautiful stitching. Enjoy your day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  32. Very cute project. Does Bethni Lee have a pattern or written instructions that she can share with us beginners. OR, maybe just..... How large are the pumpkins? How large are the borders? That kind of thing. Thanks so much.

    1. I've just returned from being out of town since Thurs., but I will try to get a copy of the pumpkin posted for you. Maybe a few instructions as well. I'd be happy to do it!

  33. Your project is so clever. Thanks for joining in the hop.

  34. Making those words for the mouths of the pumpkins was a fabulous idea--I love your runner!!

  35. There isn't one of us out there who hasn't run into those machine issues. On the couple of occasions it has happened to me for a blog hop I just fessed up like you did or took very careful photos avoiding the issue ;-}. I do love your pumpkins and the effect you got of the candle lite. Great job. Wonderful runner.

  36. Bethani, I love the pumpkins saying trick or treat! It is a great project - thanks for sharing!

  37. Very cute! Love the way you did the pumpkins!! xx


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