Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Riley Blake Designs Cowboy Country Blog Tour

There's a new Riley Blake Designs fabric in town, Cowboy Country, and it's full of good 
guys, bad guys, paisleys, and is totally fun. The prints are bright and colorful, too!
Carta Bella Paper Co. did an amazing job designing these for Riley Blake Designs.

I couldn't wait to get sewing with four of the fabrics from the line...

Wayward Cowboy

My very favorite fabric was the newsprint design, only it was hard to concentrate
on sewing because I kept wanting to read what was written on it. I love it!

It's been quite a few years since I've been on a horse, but I'm a cowgirl at heart.
Of course, I was a black hat kind of cowgirl on my white horse, Anita.

It seemed like a good idea to add a black hat to the Wayward Cowboy.

You can find the PDF pattern for Wayward Cowboy in my Etsy store HERE.

Cowboy Country Blog Tour 
3/27 - Just Let Me Quilt

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  1. Very cute quilt, Carol. I like the saguaro that the wanted sign is posted on--nice touch. The newsprint fabric is amazingly well printed. I think I would be reading it all too!

  2. What a fun quilt, and a great use of the fabric!

  3. Oh boy!!! You might have just added to my fabric list!! I LOVE cowboy fabrics!!

  4. That's a great quilt. Love the fabrics. Ooooh, I'm afraid of that snake. LOL!

  5. That is super cute, Carol. The newsprint fabric is really fun. I can see why it was a distraction, but there are so many good prints in that collection.

  6. What a fun quilt. The newsprint would be my favourite too! It is great seeing you on your horse. You two look wonderful together :)


  7. What fun fabrics. I love fabrics with text. And your quilt is so sweet.

  8. I'm rather partial to the rattler. Great quilt.

  9. Yesterday my husband and I spent the day watching a series called Gunslingers. This is a great interpretation to the old west and would make a great project for a child's quilt and a wild west history buff. Great design.


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