Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Just A Couple Of Square Fabric Gift Baskets

I made a couple of fabric gift baskets to share on the Therm O Web blog that are
easy, quick, and so fun to fill. There are two sizes to choose from and it could even 
be adapted to make other sizes. They are seriously easy, easy, easy!

The smaller version would be great for a quick birthday gift.

This larger basket is holding bread and honey from a yummy bakery close by.
It's called Muddy Bees Bakery and they have an actual beehive inside...very cool!

The instructions can be found HERE (while you're there, look around at 
all the other amazing projects created by talented designers.


  1. Those are great, Carol, and just in time for gift wrapping.

  2. I agree....and they will be a handy gift that the user can continue to use.

  3. Cute and clever! And easy peasy? Winning combination.

  4. Cute idea, great for this time of year :)

  5. Carol - cute baskets! I'm all about the food -- do I spy salt rising bread in the second gift?

  6. What a great, fun and easy project to make! "Hey, Can you Spare a Square?" Remember that one from Seinfeld with Elaine? LOL!!! I couldn't resit!

  7. They look amazing! I will have to go check out the making of them. Thank you!


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