Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wandering Camera In September

I did a lot of wandering this month, but not to any exotic locations.
Most of the time was spent near my home or with family.
Life was good this month!

It's been a very busy time in my quilting world...lots of projects happening!

There's was rainy weather, flash flooding, and flowing rivers near
a favorite restaurant with amazing views. They have yummy breakfast treats!

Then there was less water and more hot temperatures later in the month at the same location.

Some flowers will bloom no matter how hot it is. There's joy in that!

A birthday celebration brought the family together for good times.

Even at 14 years old, he's still a little boy at heart.

This little guy kept posing for the camera, dirty face and all...I love him tons!
I remember years ago overhearing a young couple with no children observe a small child
with a very dirty face and runny nose. They said when they had children they would
NEVER allow them to have a dirty face. I still laugh at how naive they were. 
Kids almost ALWAYS have a dirty face and a runny nose and we love them anyway!

One day my sister and I happened upon this shack in our neighborhood.
We couldn't believe we'd lived here so long and never seen this!
I took my husband there to take photos of a sewing project and enjoyed
the adventure of looking around. There was no graffiti...surprise! 

Thanks for stopping by today for a quick view of my September Wandering Camera.
Check out Soma's amazing camera shots over at Whims and Fancies!


  1. Beautiful photo of the normal little face!! Fantastic to find an unexplored place in your neighbourhood.

  2. Carol, I can’t wait to see your sewing photos around that shack. It is marvelous! I love your quilted pile. As well as all your wandering photos. The kids are fun.

  3. Hi Carol! Wonderful shots for the month. Whenever I see a dirty face on a small child, and especially a runny nose, I think it's a good thing it's running. No sinus infection in sight for that little guy. And anyone who has ever tried to wipe off the face of a little one knows that they move their face away as soon as you get near with a damp cloth! It warms my heart seeing his cute little smile and the love in his eyes. That shack! Holy moly - what a cool place to take some photos of a quilt. Looks a little neglected, no?!! Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Such a beautiful collection this month Carol!

  5. Great photos, Carol - especially the one of that cute little face! One of my twin grandsons is the exact same way, and what gets me is that HE is the chick magnet!! All the girls just love him - dirty face and all!! LOL

    I really do love the shack as well. That is a great place for quilt photos! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Great pictures, Carol. I'm thinking that the shack will be a good place for a quilt photoshoot.

  7. Beautiful pictures Carol! That shack certainly has a ton of character

  8. You take the nicest photos. That last one i either a fixer upper or or a tearer downer, but a great backdrop for quilts or painters.

  9. No, one doesn't have to wander too far from one's home to capture beauty, do they. Lovely photos here to be seen. Love the smiley and not so clean, sweet face. =) I love the little house in a state of total disrepair....excellent backdrop for a quilt photo shoot if you ask me.

  10. Fabulous Fun Fotos! You always take the most amazing photos with your camera and quilts. Such a handsome 14 year old with a great smile. Abandoned anything with no graffiti...shocking! Happy Wandering Dear...<3

  11. Those desert ish photos are really cool views! and Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy!! what fun!

  12. Gorgeous pics - I'm guessing somewhere in the SW, one of the 4-corners states, since I don't know where you live. It's close enough to make me homesick for Arizona! =) The shack looks so interesting, too. My husband would have enjoyed photographing that, too.

  13. Hi Carol, looks like you had a great month. Love your photos :-)

  14. Amazing how spring can go from torrents of water to an almost-dried up creek bed! I agree with you about those without kids who make judgmental comments - you just have no idea until you have one (or several) under your wing!!!

  15. You don't have to wander far to capture lovely photos and yours prove that. Such a varied palette. I specially love the cake eating one and the portrait of the little one. The shack is definitely going to be a great place for quilt photos. So atmospheric.

    Thank you so much for the compliment and for linking up on Wandering Camera.


  16. I hope should the childless couple do have children, they'll think twice about keeping them spic and span. :-) The photo of the shack and background is cool. I like all those lines and textures going on.


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