Thursday, September 27, 2018

Riley Blake Designs' "So Ruby" Fabric Is Beautifully Red And White

Making a red and white quilt has been on my to-do list for a long time, so when I was asked
by Riley Blake Designs if I would sew something with "So Ruby" I was totally in! It's red,
it's white, and it's made my dream come true for a red and white quilt.

Ruby Rabbit's Garden
Finished size: 42" x 50"

"So Ruby" has a lot of variety in its red and white fabrics by Carina Gardner.

A little checkerboard look for Ruby Rabbit's Garden.

A ruffle is a sweet addition to this garden.

Fabric flowers and buttons...a great combination!

The flowers are easy and fast to make:

Cut five 3 ½” x 3 ½” squares for each flower.

Fold squares in half diagonally; press. Fold in half again diagonally; press. 
Repeat to make five petals.

Using embroidery thread or a double strand of thread, sew a basting 
stitch along raw edge of all five petals to join them.

Pull needle to gather thread and petals together into a circle. 
Sew a small knotted stitch to join petals. 
Stitch flower in place and sew a button over opening.

Here's the list of Riley Blake Designs "So Ruby" blog tour participants:

September 28 - Just Let Me Quilt - Me
October 5 - Jedi Craft Girl
October 12 - Why Not Sew?

You can find the entire "Ruby Rabbit's Garden" pattern in my Craftsy store HERE.

*Just a note about washing this quilt: Yes, I washed it before taking this picture. No, the colors
did not run because I threw a Shout Color Catcher into the wash with it. I love these sheets!
Prewashing red fabrics is usually a good idea, but I didn't do that. I put a lot of faith in these
sheets and have never had the dyes in a quilt run. Let's hope there's never a "first time", but so
 far I'm happy using them! You can find them at grocery stores, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.


  1. Making our quilty dreams come true is the best fun. This is a very sweet looking quilt. I love red and white but I doubt I could have resisted adding some black to it. You’re very lucky to be on the Riley Blake design team and it’s well deserved.

  2. Sweet! Love that bunny and those flowers! The ruffle is a neat added touch too. I also think it would have been difficult not to add another color (black), but this quilt looks just right in reds and white.

  3. A red and white quilt is on my bucket list, too. I love how bright the reds are in yours. One thing I wondered about was the bleeding part of these red fabrics. Did you prewash the fabrics? Any idea how much bleeding there might be? Bleeding red fabric is probably my biggest drawback to making a red and white quilt.

  4. Nice to have such a cute way to remove the red and white quilt from your to do list. Sweet little bunny and great flowers.

  5. That's a really cute and fun quilt. I love a red and white quilt and have made a few, to show my Canadian patriotism.
    Thanks for the how-to for the flowers.

  6. That is just adorable. I have wanted to make a red and white quilt forever and this is enticing me even more.

  7. I like color catchers, too. That is the cutest little quilt, and the 3-D aspects would thrill a young girl. On an older girl like me, too. =)

  8. So cute! Love the flowers and buttons, beautiful red and white quilt!

  9. Thank you for the fabulous block. I appreciate you and all the other designers who put themselves out there for us.

  10. Your quilts are darling. It would be fun to do the "Just Hanging Around" as we seem to have way too many possums near us. Take care and keep creating, as you are very good at it.


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