Saturday, August 25, 2018

Adventures In Babysitting Luna The Puppy

I offered to watch the newest grandpuppy, Luna, who is about 10 months old and was just adopted 
about a week ago. Due to an unexpected trip out-of-town, she was all mine for a couple days.
It's been a very long time since I've had a puppy to take care of.
It has definitely been an adventure in babysitting!

She took me for walks and I learned that when she sees another dog her bark
sounds like the scariest dog in the world. My son says she just wants to play.
The lady didn't look like she wanted Luna to play with her dog.

Every pillow in the condo is up high because she was chewing on all of them.
I'd forgotten what it was like to have a puppy!

I bought her a chew toy hoping it would stop her from chewing on my hands and pillows.

It lasted about two minutes. The other two toys I bought didn't last very long either.
PetSmart was good about taking them back.

This one is a winner!
It sounds like a barbell when it drops on the floor and is really tough.
It's lasted a whole day, so my hopes are high for this one.

Working on my laptop has been impossible.

She was either on my head or on my lap.

To write this post I gave her a pork thingy. It lasted five minutes,
but it wore her out enough that she settled down.

I love how peaceful it is when the baby is sleeping. Whew! Maybe I can read my emails
 and take a shower now. It brings back memories of when I was a young mom.
But, I'm not a young mom and I'm worn out. I think I'll just take a nap while she's sleeping!

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  1. A nap sounds like a very good idea. Can't say as I miss the pup stage.
    The last 3 we rescued came with their own baggage but at least they were all in the 2 year old range. Lots less energy to burn. You are a very good person. I must admit I would happily babysit a puppy for a few days.

  2. What a fabulous pitbull puppy! They are such awesome dogs. She is so fair, you guys might want to put sunscreen on her--I used to have to do that for my white and tan pitbull especially on her tummy because she loved to lay out in the sun.

  3. You have hand your hands full. I always say that I will watch five grandchildren before one grand-dog!!! How long do you babysit? Good luck.

  4. Lina is a cute puppy, she sounds very active though! !

  5. Those Christmas fabrics are fabulous. I love how you are helping out with Luna. Good luck with it.

  6. Whew! Just your blogging about Luna wears me out. I'll take grandkids over dogs any day. Hope you and your house survive the sitting job!

  7. Luna sounds like an active pup. Good luck keeping her busy so you can do what you gotta do.

  8. ^^^ Tanya offers very good advice. Some of the sunscreen sprays are easily applied and really a must for a fair skinned girl. I have too many friends that regret not doing that.

    Luna is so cute. She does love to play. I know you had fun playing with her and I know you burned some calories so you WON some well earned treats yourself hahaha
    Did you sleep there as well? I assume there was NO sewing going on, a good couple of days of boot camp.

    after Pierro died, which was horrible, about a year later we found a pretty little smoke colored cornish rex girl in South Carolina, a day drive. Hubbs and I got her last October.
    Princess is everywhere all around the house, running running running.

    Happy Sunday Carol

  9. Just like when we were young moms. Nap when they nap, so we are reenergized, when they are up and causing mischief.

  10. Luna is a great name for a dog with white fur. When we had a dog she was an aggressive chewer too and chewed up everything until we got her a black KONG toy. The red one is not for the aggressive chewers but the black one she couldn't destroy. Plus there is a hole in the end where you can put a smear of peanut butter or something similar to keep her busy. Right now I am grandfur sitting too a black rabbit named Finnegan. Rabbits chew everything!

  11. Great post. She's a sweetie. We get a great nyla bone at Menards that is chicken flavored that even my Pit/boxer can't destroy. However, my Min Pin does chomp a few slivers off. Just watch out for the rawhides. Cute pooch.

  12. Sweet Luna! Puppies are a challenge, aren't they? My Rowdy used to counter surf, so we had to be very careful about leaving out food in the kitchen. Does she like to play ball? We used to take Rowdy to the park and wear him out with a tennis ball to fetch.

  13. When I had a puppy, she used to chew all the towels I would lay in the crate for her to sleep on. So I tried different toys, which she promptly destroyed. Then I got her a nyla bone. She managed to cover it with a towel and chew the bone that way. In cleaning the crate one time, I found a scrap of towel that was heart shaped, which if you think about the bone, is the exact shape of the bone end. That's how hard she chewed the nyla bone, so the towel ripped right around it. I put that towel scrap in a frame and have it sitting right here on my desk, because I collect heart shaped objects, and that one is my favorite!

  14. Puppies are a lot like babies!! So sweet! We have a rescue part Aussie and when I brought her home it was quite a challenge! They thought she was about a year old and she chewed everything in site. And, unlike our shi-tzu could stand on her hind legs and get things off the counter! Ugh!! But, she finally calmed down and has been one of the sweetest pets we've had. From my point of view, the nap sounds best! LOL

  15. Hi Carol!! Oh my, this sounds like us after a round (2 hours or so) with Dominic the almost-one-year-old. That why young people have babies and puppies - they can keep up with them. We get to enjoy them and then send them home. HAHA! I really had to giggle at your exploits. {{Hugs}} I'll be sending tiring thoughts to Luna for you. Happy Sunday, friend! ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. Carol, what fun! It is so true that it's like having little kids again, except puppies are much more destructive and don't wear diapers. I give you a lot of credit for taking this on. The things we do for our loved ones!!!

  17. Oh, she is beautiful! We had a male that looked a lot like Luna a long time ago. He was born deaf, and required so much But they love you so very much! Have fun...then sleep...haha

  18. Puppies are a handful, but she so adorable. She has a beautiful name too. I LOVE that photo of her hugging you from the back. So sweet :)


  19. Such wonderful photos of sweet, busy Luna! Get her a black Kong (looks like the ice cream part of an ice cream cone. Large. You put a couple of biscuits in it, a spoonful of peanut butter on top of them to seal the biscuits inside, and then you can freeze it, so it takes her longer to work out the peanut butter to get at the biscuits, or just give it to her. She has to learn to bounce it on the floor to jiggle out the biscuits. We put them in whole, so it's even harder to get them out, and the dog has to squeeze on the Kong with their jaws to break the biscuits. Our dogs LOVE them, and the frozen pb part we learned from volunteering one year at the humane society. :-) I have a pitbull, aka pibble, too, and he's a chomper, never chewed anything he's not supposed to except once as a puppy the arm of my wicker chair (waaah!) but he destroys every single 'indestructible' toy, except the Kongs and a Gough-Nuts ring we bought, also a great ball is Zogoflex.

  20. Oh she is so cute! Hope you got caught up on your *mom duties* while she was reasting ;-)

  21. you just described our last year and a half.
    We had never had a puppy as active as Milo is. The adage, a tired dog is a good dog, comes to mind. She needs to run and wrestle. Trouble is her breed can be aggressive quickly during play so I am nervous around them too (from experience)

    But she's a baby who needs to play! Dog play

    Our "baby" is a standard poodle who is mouthy so he startles people too. He is big, and sometimes puts his mouth gently on people never biting down. I haven't broken him of that yet.

    I feel so lucky when I find someone who will let their dog play with him, and it almost, almost, tires him out. We ran across a doodle his age and larger than he is yesterday!!!
    I found the indestructible chicken toy at petsmart and it's lasted the longest for us.
    We give him whimsey chews at night which help and he now expects.

    that picture on your head is priceless!

    LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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