Monday, February 19, 2018

The New Blog Hop Is Wish Upon A Star

I've had so much fun with the blog hops and now there's a new one in May...
Wish Upon A Star.
This should be another amazing one full of beautiful creations!

The blog hop rules are simple:

Your project must have a star somewhere on it.
It can be a star block, a star applique, or star shaped purse..whatever.
It can be big or small. As long as it has a star, you're in!

Post your project on your assigned day.

Have a giveaway or don't have a giveaway. It's totally optional!

Visit everyone's blog on the list and leave a sweet comment.

Are you in?

Send me an email with the following information:
Blog Name
Blog URL


  1. I have a star quilt to make. I am in.


  2. We're in! I sent an email with our details yesterday. Now to put on my thinking cap and decide what project will star in our blog post!


  3. Hi,

    I would love to join. I am working on a star quilt now. I tried sending you an email but it was rejected.

    Can you send me an email @ topstitchtech at gmail dot com?

  4. Another fun hop, but I’ll be migrating north in May.

  5. Please count me in! I love star quilts! :-) Pat


Comments are always appreciated!

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