Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Riley Blake Designs Let's Sew Along With Lori Holt Bake Sale

I love being a part of this Riley Blake Designs "Let's Sew Along party!

What a great combination for a Let's Bake Sew Along...

The Riley Blake Design Bake Sale 2 fabrics are so cute...what's not to love!

Lori has templates for some of the blocks...I used the apron template.

Her instructions even include embroidery patterns!

It was so much fun to think of other ways to use those cute blocks Lori created!
My projects include the egg beater, large apron, and rolling pin.
You can find her post for making all three of them HERE.

Project One

The egg beater block reminded me of the egg beater my mom used. I still have it! It has 
pink handles and she'd written her name on one side and the church name on the other.
Obviously, she wanted everyone to know it was her egg beater!

Using Lori's egg beater block as the center, I made it into a pot holder that is 10" x 14",
a larger size to hold a 9" x 13" pan of yummy brownies fresh from the oven!

Project Two

The Bake Sale 2 quilt pattern has several apron patterns included, but I used the larger apron
templates for this project. There's even a little pocket on the apron...cute, cute, cute!

I created a small quilt that is made to hang over a dishwasher to keep it slightly open.
Some newer dishwashers recommend not closing them completely when not in use. Seriously!
This meant I had a towel hanging in there all the time. Now I have this sweet small quilt with
extra space at the top to keep the dishwasher just a bit open. It looks so much nicer than that
old towel hanging there! Plus, it makes a cute table topper when not on the dishwasher.

Project Three

I have a rolling pin that was getting dinged up in my drawer. Since it's important not to have
nicks in a rolling pin (sugar cookies are best if they're nice and smooth), a cover was
needed! These is an easy, easy drawstring bag that fits my favorite rolling pin perfectly.
Lori's rolling pin is appliqued on a block, but for this project I appliqued it to the bag and
embroidered "rolling pin" on it...not that it isn't obvious what it is!

It was totally a pleasure to create a few extra ideas using those adorable blocks by Lori Holt.
Using Riley Blake Designs Bake 2 fabrics to put these together was such a sweet treat!
I love that fabric! But of course, I love all things Riley Blake.

If you feel like making one of theses, I have the patterns in my Craftsy store for free.
You'll have to visit Lori Holt's blog to get the instructions for her blocks and designs,
but my patterns will show you how to use them to make all of these projects.

Just Let Me Quilt's Pattern Store
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  1. Carol, very cute appliqu├ęs and projects! I started out with that type egg beater, but with a pink handle?...awesome. LOL. I don’t know about the obviousness of the rolling pin though, I’ve known them to substitute as husband bonkers.

  2. What cute projects. Wait I am not supposed to close the door to my new dishwasher all the way. I guess it is like the front loading washers. What pretty fabric to play with.

  3. I have been slowly making my way through the quilt along for those blocks, love seeing your versions...I am with Colette though, had no idea that the dishwasher wasn't supposed to be closed all the way? Wonder if mine is "new" enough to have that rule? I am not one for reading the manual unless I have to though :)

  4. Really cute projects. I particularly like the bag for your rolling pin, such a good idea.

  5. THese are all so sweet. Love everyone of them and could certainly use a few cute things in my kitchen.


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