Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I'm Thankful For Cameras And The Memories They Capture

A camera may be a simple thing to be thankful for, but without it I wouldn't be able to recall
all the memories it has captured over my lifetime. I have a hard enough time remembering
what happened yesterday, so having photos to remind me of times past is a blessing.

My parents divorced when I was little so I wasn't raised by my dad.
I only have a few pics of him and me.

Grandparents and cousins I don't remember but I'm so grateful to have this photo of them.

My gr-grandmother died when I was young. Seeing this photo of her reminds me of her
strong Norwegian accent, the lefse she would make, and the apron she sewed for me.

This is my mother before I was born. She was such a strong lady that had a tough life.
I learned to be self-reliant because of her. She also taught me about sewing.

Then there was this day that can't be forgotten, but the photo helps me remember
the cake my mother and her friend made for my wedding. I'd cut a picture out of a
magazine years before that I knew HAD to be my wedding cake someday.
My mom made sure it happened for me.

The thing about photos these days is that so many of them never get printed out.
They sit on our computers or phones hoping to be there forever. They might not be.
The computer may crash or the phone might get lost or broken. 

It's time to print some of them out and store them in a shoebox in the closet to torture
generations in the future as they try to figure out who is in each picture because we
forgot to write names, dates, and places on the back of the photo. That's what I'll do.

I'm feeling all nostalgic now. Time to pull out old cookie recipes and do some baking.

This is a cookie recipe from a past cookie exchange that makes a great gift.

Jar ingredients:

The tag with mixing and baking instructions to attach to the jar:


  1. I can remember going through my mothers' old pictures when she passed away and trying to figure out who they were.She threw them in a drawer. They didn't have names on them either. LOL
    I have tons of pictures of my family, but sadly, I don't have any of my grandparents. They passed away before I was born. And I don't think they took their picture a lot. I think my sister said she found one of my grandmother, but not my grandfather. I haven't a clue to what they were like. I would have loved to be able to remember all of them.
    BTW--You said to layer the cookie stuff and attach baking directions on the jar, but you didn't include them. Do you mind posting them so we will know? Thank you so very much.

  2. I was just lamenting the other day about why we even take pictures any more since we never print them or keep them in a photo album. I do remember seeing thousands of photos my mom had saved and none of us daughters had any clue of who, what or where the represented. Yummy cookie recipe and great way to gift the jar. Cookie Bliss Dear...<3

  3. I have shoeboxes of pictures the aunt and uncle threw away, I pulled out of the garbage. The uncle had photo albums of his family, friends, cronies, work stuff, elks stuff. I gave those to his family, per his request.
    I do print out my favorite photos and keep them. I used to have pictures lining the stairwell. The kids called it the wall of shame. My favorites are just random shots.

  4. Those are wonderful memories and I have a few of people, I have no idea who they are, lol.
    How I wished I had known before my parents died, to get more information and stories about our past.


  5. I think we can all relate to old photos and not knowing much about the people or places in them. Remember about 20 years ago when doing those photo albums with the fancy papers and stickers were all the rage? I knew women who spent hours making those photo Albums and they looked so pretty. I never did them myself, because they looked like too much work!

  6. Carole, just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your post today, and, unfortunately, how true it is. We are in our 80's and I have tons of pictures that are in albums, but an equal amount that are sitting on an external and internal hard drive. One Christmas, about 10 years ago, I gathered up all the albums and scanned about 500 photos or so, bought photo albums and made them all a family history type keepsake, starting with photos of them from birth on and including pictures of their parents, grandparents and great grandparents, indicating who was who. At the time, I made about 15 albums, and fortunately already had over a thousand photos on my hardrive. It was a gift they all appreciated, and I was very happy, since I had worked on that project for over a year.

  7. Beautiful memories. I was just having a similar discussion with my sister-in-law who is organizing all her photos into albums so each of her three children can have one. Her children keep telling her she is wasting her time. She really is making a careful project out of it and it's taking her a long time. I told her if her own kids don't appreciate the effort, her kids' future children will appreciate them because they will be in awe that "people actually printed pictures?"!

  8. It's nice to learn more about you. I've been working on my "baby's" scrapbook. That was my big goal for this fall. That's so true about photos, that's how we remember. Wish I had's my sweet mom's birthday today. Wish she were here. Thanks for letting me take a moment and remember.

  9. I've thought the same thing about pictures lately....that they are all computerized now. I scrapbooked in the days before cell phones...and yearly I make a shutterfly photo album for our grandson....he loves them.

  10. Well, I don't need to tell you how thankful I am for having a camera. I love 'documenting' everything. It is such a lovely post, Carol, and beautiful photos and memories!

    -Soma xx

  11. Que bonitos recuerdos, si yo también opino como tu,tendríamos que tener mas fotos en papel,es mas agradable ojearlas.

  12. SO true! Your mother is gorgeous! What great photos these are!


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