Sunday, November 26, 2017

After Thanksgiving Things To Do Places To See

Once Thanksgiving is over it seems like I hit the ground running.
Places to go, shopping to do, sewing to catch up on because Christmas is coming.

I bought a laser cut kit from Ribbon Candy Quilt Company and started putting it together.
Four train blocks...too cute!

This neighborhood kit came from Quilted Works. They still have some in their online store.
I love these houses by Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams!

The Dresden part is sewn

What's even easier and more fun about this project is that it is made with
Heat n Bond Ultrahold, so that means no sewing on the applique pieces.
Even the precut Santa and reindeer are laser cut from the Ultrahold...yay!

It was nice to slow down and watch the Monkey Baby laugh...loved it!

Getting to hold a sleeping Monkey Baby is such a great feeling. He's so sweet!

We took a day trip out to visit some red dirt hills. It's the beautiful part of Utah!
Trying to set the timer and then run up the hill is not an easy task for two older people like us.
Luckily, no paramedics or emergency groups were needed to rescue us from the hill.

Cookies are being baked for the Virtual Cookie Exchange, too.

I hope you're taking time for yourself as the holidays rush straight into us!


  1. The days just flew by, but it was fun to romp and have some happy times with our grandbabies

  2. This certainly is the busy time of year. Enjoy your shopping and projects. Love the photo of you two on the gorgeous red rock. Mr. C wants to know where it is. Stay Safe and Vigilent Sweet Carol...<3

  3. Awww....such precious times. I did have to chuckle at the image in my mind of you getting that great photo......been there and done that. ;-)

  4. You set a timer and run up hill? WOW, that is ambition. The newest monkey boy is so sweet. How can you get anything done with him around to hold?

  5. So, yeah... after I saw the gorgeous baby I could not pay attention to anything else you wrote! Something about paramedics, cookies... :-)

  6. Ooooh, those lashes...what a sweetie baby! Love the picture of you two on the rock, glad no one was injured, lol! Your Christmas projects look wonderful, you look pretty busy for sure. It is in the 60s here so I am so busy frolicking in the front yard that no sewing is getting done?!!

  7. Sweet baby. We are expecting our first great granddaughter in late spring.

    Picture on the red rock is wonderful. You are so fortunate to live in that gorgeous state. (My one and only row row from Quilted Works hangs above my counter. I❤️ Utah.


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