Thursday, August 3, 2017

Penny Rose Prim And Proper Blog Tour

Today starts the Penny Rose Prim and Proper Blog Tour and I can't even 
begin to tell you how lucky I feel to be sewing with these beautiful fabrics from
 designer Lindsay Wilkes’ latest collection, Prim and Proper.

These are the Prim and Proper fabrics I received...I loved them!

The dotted fabric had the cutest border on it that worked perfectly for this dress.
(Pattern by Butterick, 5624, size XLG)
I added a tie around the waist and a flower.

It made it a bit more "prim and proper" with a bow in the back.

This is the perfect sized quilt for a sweet little girl!

I had so much fun sewing with these lovely fabrics!

And I'm always grateful for my photo shoot crew...thanks, guys!

You can find Her Little Flower Quilt at my Craftsy store.

A quick and easy way to make the flowers without doing a lot of tracing is to use 
Just run your pattern through an inkjet printer and iron to your fabrics.


  1. They really are very pretty prints. The little dress is adorable! And the quilt also is fabulous. Together they would make for one lucky little girl.

  2. You made a very cute coordinated set here, some little lady is going to enjoy it, I am sure!!

  3. The dress and model are so cute! Love the quilt and those fabrics are so pretty.

  4. Oh that dress is so very cute, and the bonus quilt. What a perfect summer outfit and picnic quilt.

  5. Those fabrics are gorgeous and you did such a great job stitching them up.

  6. Stinkin' cute, Carol! Love these colors, and such a cute accent around the skirt on the dress! Good hint about using the EZ print sheets - I'll have to try that! Great quilt (and photo crew too!).

  7. Wow. Those are both just super cute projects. I really love those fabrics also. LOVE the colors.
    Thank you for the great quilt pattern too.

  8. Pretty fabric collection and I loooove your creations💜💜💜

  9. Gorgeous fabrics and such a perfect little dress and quilt. You got to use purple and with the aqua is stunning. Creative Prim and Proper Bliss Dear...<3

  10. Such beautiful colors together! Love your projects!

  11. Love all your projects. Really is a lovely fabric.

  12. I love these colors together, the dress brings back memories of raising all girls. Love It!


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