Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Little Sunshine Blog Hop With A Sleepy Monkey Baby Quilt

Today is another day of the Benartex "My Little Sunshine" Blog Hop and it's my turn to 
show you my "Sleepy Monkey Baby" quilt using new fabrics by Cherry Blossoms Quilting.
I've enjoyed Cherry's creations for years and have watched her "blossom" into an
amazing designer. Way to go, rock as a designer!

Cherry Guidry designed the cutest fabric line called "My Little Sunshine" and the fabric 
includes monkeys! As some of you already know, I love monkeys. Well...actually the
real "Monkey Boys", but these fabrics are totally my kind of thing. I was so excited!
Thanks Benartex and Cherry for such a sweet treat!

Those faces and those colors...I love them!

The "My Little Sunshine" fabrics I used: My Little Monkeys Light Lime, Sweetheart 
White/Turquoise, Words Light Turquoise, Words Light Grey

My "Sleepy Monkey Baby" quilt was such a pleasure to sew. 
It measures 40" x 44" and is perfect for a really good monkey snuggle.

The sleepy monkey baby in the middle is surrounded by playful fabric with monkeys and
sweet words that totally remind us of babies and the sweetness they bring.

This guy looks pretty comfy, but it won't be long before he'll be up and playing with the big monkeys.

Fabric cutting instructions:

Cut 1 – 12½” x 16½” – center block
Cut 2 – 1½” x 16½” – left and right, Border A
Cut 2 – 1½” x 14½” – top and bottom, Border A
Cut 2 – 3½” x 18½” – left and right, Border B
Cut 2 – 3½” x 20½” – top and bottom, Border B
Cut 4 – 2½” x 43” - white fabric strips, Border C
Cut 4 – 2½” x 43” - print fabric strips, Border C
Cut 2 – 2½” x 32½” - left and right, Border D
Cut 2 – 2½” x 32½” - top and bottom, Border D
Cut 2 – 1½” x 36½” – left and right, Border E
Cut 2 – 1½” x 34½” – top and bottom, Border E
Cut 2 – 3½” x 38½” – left and right, Border F
Cut 2 – 3½” x 40½” – top and bottom, Border F
Cut 5 – 2½” x 43” binding strips
Cut backing to fit 40” x 44” quilt

Step 1:
The monkey is appliqued to the center block using iron-on adhesive.
I love using Heat n Bond EZ Print Lite sheets because it eliminates tracing.
Just run the patterns through your inkjet printer and they're ready to be ironed to your fabric.

 Step 2:
Sew around edges of applique pieces using a straight, zig-zag, or blanket stitch. 

Tip: Adding a light weight regular or fusible interfacing to the back of fabric helps stabilize the
 fabric when sewing on applique pieces, keeps threads from showing through, and helps maintain
 fabric size. *Yes, I did clip away some of those threads that are waving in the air.

Step 3: 
Sew Border A strips to left and right of Center Block. Press seams towards borders.

Step 4: 
Sew Border A strips to top and bottom of Center Block. Press seams towards borders.

Step 5: 
Sew Border B strips to left and right of Border A. Press seams towards borders.

Step 6: 
Sew Border B strips to top and bottom of Border A. Press seams towards borders.

Step 7: 
For Border C, sew one white and one print strip together. 
Repeat to make four white and print strips. Press seams towards print side. 

Step 8: 
Cut each strip into 2½” x 4½” strips.

Step 9: 
Sew blocks together alternating white and print fabric; nest and match seams. 
Press toward print fabric. Make 52 block sets.

Step 10: 
Sew 12 block sets together; nest and match seams. Press seams down. Repeat to make two rows
 of 12 block sets. Sew to left and right sides of Border B. Press seams towards Border C.

Step 11: 
Sew 14 block sets together; nest and match seams. Press seams down. 
Repeat to make two rows of 14 block sets. Sew to top and bottom of Border B. 
Match seams from left and right border. Press seams towards Border C.

Step 12: 
Sew Border D strips to left and right of Border C. Press seams towards borders.

Step 13: 
Sew Border D strips to top and bottom of Border C. Press seams towards borders.

Step 14: 
Sew Border E strips to left and right of Border D. Press seams towards borders.

Step 15: 
Sew Border E strips to top and bottom of Border D. Press seams towards borders.

Step 16: 
Sew Border F strips to left and right of Border E. Press seams towards borders.

Step 17: 
Sew Border F strips to top and bottom of Border E. Press seams towards borders.

Step 18: 
Quilt using your favorite method or the method shown below. Add binding to finish.

Protect the area where you will be working by placing an old sheet or paper under and
 around the area you’ll be spraying. Place the fleece/batting on your working surface. 
Using the Spray N Bond Adhesive, spray about 6-8 inches across the top portion of the 
fleece/batting from one edge to the other. Place the wrong side of quilt backing face down 
over the sprayed surface of fleece/batting. Smooth fabric to ensure it adheres to the sprayed fabric. 
Continue this method of spraying and smoothing just 6-8 inches at a time until you reach
 the bottom of the quilt back. Check for creases or folds.

With backing fabric right side down and batting face up, add quilt front right side up to 
quilt back using the same spray and smooth method as the backing. 

Once all areas are sprayed and adhered, trim, quilt and bind as desired.

Having a Monkey Boy help take photos of the quilt is a big help!

To get the PDF pattern and applique templates, visit my Craftsy store HERE:

Be sure to visit Benartex's blog, Sew In Love With Fabric, to see the other beautiful
projects made by amazing designers. There's a giveaway of Cherry's patterns on there, too!
Go to Sew In Love With Fabric HERE...hurry to enter!

Friday: free patterns @ Sew in Love with Fabric

MondayElaine @ Summer Crafter
Tuesday: Annie @ Annie Smith

But wait, I have a giveaway on my blog, too!

Benartex is giving away a Fat Quarter Bundle of My Little Sunshine every day of the blog hop.
Wow! How awesome is that! You can see the whole collection HERE.

Is this the cutest bib panel...yes!

Just leave a sweet comment and one lucky winner will be receiving
that Fat Quarter Bundle. Hey, it might be you!
The giveaway ends on August 26, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. MST.

Congratulations Linda!


  1. Thanks for your tutorial. These are such cute prints--they would make darling gifts to welcome any baby.

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    Your monkeys are getting bigger!

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  19. Love those bibs and this fabric line is AWESOME! My daughter had our first grandchild, a girl at the end of April. All of her friends have young babies and the latest "reveal" is a gal that works at the Oakland Zoo with the elephants, so this fabric fits right in.

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    Carla from Utah

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