Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Half-Sized Crafty Apron With Henry Glass Shop Hop Fabric

Sewing a half-sized crafty apron with Henry Glass Shop Hop fabric had me smiling all day. 
I am totally in love with the ladies on this fabric..they are having so much fun together! 

Designer Bonnie Krebs definitely caught how we feel about shopping for fabric with friends.
These are just a few of the "ladies."

The red head in the middle would be my friend, Brenda. 
She can do cartwheels and jump on trampolines, so this Pogo stick would be no biggie for her.
Paula and Nancy would probably take a go at it, too!

This would be Susan, Bernice, Vicki, Brenda, and me ready to shop.

Such adorable fabric!

I'm over at the Therm O Web blog today showing how to make the apron...check it out!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Remember The Days When I Blogged Everyday

I remember the days when I worked full-time, babysat Monkey Boys, cleaned my house, sewed,
and still found time to create a blog post and/or read lots and lots of other blogs everyday.
I even blogged enough daily on my private blog to create blog books...12 of them. 

I've definitely slowed down on writing, but not sewing.
I love reading blogs (I don't always comment...sorry.)
Seeing pictures of bloggers chickens, tractors, family, and gardens along with their 
sewing/crafty creations make smile. Sometimes it's those simple
things that are written or photographed that can make my day a little better.

Thank you, sweet blog friends! 

The mother-in-law is still a cause for concern and is back in the hospital.
Elderly people who get urinary tract infections don't always react the same way
 younger people do. They can actually become forgetful, lethargic, and appear to have
 signs of dementia. The MIL did all of the above and became unresponsive.
We're hoping the antibiotics get her back on track. Scary!

The Monkey Boys visited...that always makes me smile!

Oh, did I mention there will be another Monkey Boy to add to this sweet group.

I took a little time to smell the flowers. Spring is coming!

I've been sewing, but most of them are those "dreaded" secret projects.
Okay, they aren't really dreaded, but it is hard not to share them as soon as I finish sewing them.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sun, Sand, And Sea BOM...Block #3

I can't believe we are already up to Block #3 of the Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM.
Time is flying by!
Carla at Creatin in the Sticks really got creative with her block...love it!

I've been using Riley Blake Designs Crayola solid fabrics for my blocks.
I love sewing with them!

Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy is in charge of this BOM and has monthly giveaways.
Don't miss out on any of them!

Amy's Block #1 - February
You can find the blog post HERE and the pattern HERE.

My Block #2 - March
You can find the info on it HERE and the pattern HERE.

Carla's Block #3 - April
You can find the info on it HERE and the pattern HERE.

There's a Facebook page for Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends where you can
share your sewn blocks and see what everyone else is creating.

I'm not crazy about tracing all the shapes when I applique, so I use Heat n Bond EZ Print Lite sheets. I love that all I need to do is run the design through my printer, iron to the wrong side of my fabric, 
cut out the pieces, and then press them in place. It is so fast and easy...I love easy! 
HeatnBond EZ Print Sheets

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