Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Remember The Days When I Blogged Everyday

I remember the days when I worked full-time, babysat Monkey Boys, cleaned my house, sewed,
and still found time to create a blog post and/or read lots and lots of other blogs everyday.
I even blogged enough daily on my private blog to create blog books...12 of them. 

I've definitely slowed down on writing, but not sewing.
I love reading blogs (I don't always comment...sorry.)
Seeing pictures of bloggers chickens, tractors, family, and gardens along with their 
sewing/crafty creations make smile. Sometimes it's those simple
things that are written or photographed that can make my day a little better.

Thank you, sweet blog friends! 

The mother-in-law is still a cause for concern and is back in the hospital.
Elderly people who get urinary tract infections don't always react the same way
 younger people do. They can actually become forgetful, lethargic, and appear to have
 signs of dementia. The MIL did all of the above and became unresponsive.
We're hoping the antibiotics get her back on track. Scary!

The Monkey Boys visited...that always makes me smile!

Oh, did I mention there will be another Monkey Boy to add to this sweet group.

I took a little time to smell the flowers. Spring is coming!

I've been sewing, but most of them are those "dreaded" secret projects.
Okay, they aren't really dreaded, but it is hard not to share them as soon as I finish sewing them.


  1. Sweet post Carol, love your blog my friend! Yay for adding to that handsome group of boys, oh my!! Secret sewing is so hard for a blogger ;)

  2. Great post. I am sorry about the MIL we had the same problem with Jeff's grandma a couple of years ago. Another monkey boys! Oh my but oh how fun. Can't wait to see your covert projects you are working on.

  3. You dear have just described my blogging life. How does time just vanish each day? My friend's mother experienced exactly the same "dementia" symptoms overnight and instead it was an UTI with no regular symptoms we experience. Very scary and I pray your MIL returns to her normal self. Six Monkey think you are busy now?!! Secret sewing means you at least are able to sew. Spring Blss Dear...XO

  4. Carol the monkey boys are getting toooo big! LOL!!! I LOVE your flower. Is it made with the template like a yoyo???

  5. Great pics, Carol...I miss those blogging days too. The reading of every post, giveaways, and keeping in touch ...just gone out the window.
    We all get too busy, I guess. Enjoy your spring.

  6. We are going thru the same with my Mom. Oh, the boys are getting so big! Glad you can keep some sanity with a few stitches.

  7. Just so you know, you are missed. XO

  8. I totally understand completely! I am hardly blogging, hardly commenting, but continue to read blogs and sew more than ever! Love seeing those Monkey boys...wonderful to hear about the new addition!

  9. Carol, life is good. I am sending prayers for your mother in law.
    These years with our parents are tough on them. They need a lot of emotional care.
    I take care of my daddy every day, he does well on his own, but he is my dad. Mom has been gone for 1/2 year and yesterday asked me "what did mom die from exactly"

    I love reading your blog. I do not alawys comment bc I am so busy, but I love when you share your joy.
    Your boys are getting so big and wonderful.

    I think Missie Samm shut her blog down, but I do not understand what happened over the years.
    I am just glad that you are around and creating and sharing your love.
    I love you carol

  10. You are such a busy lady but still manage to inspire with every blog post even if it isn't every day or week. Prayers for your MIL. Those boys are very good looking grands and aren't you the lucky one to have another on the way. Congrats. Oh, and I know those "secret" projects are spectacular!!!!

  11. Your Monkey Boys are so cute. Thank God for grand kids who bring us such Joy. This post reminded me of when I realized my mom had Alzheimers. It was when she was in the hospital for a UTI! I was sitting there visiting with her when I suddenly knew she had Alzheimers based on her speaking or confusion. No one had picked up on that until that time. It was so heart breaking to watch. In fact, my step father was in denial for another year before accepting it. I hope you have an opportunity to research the disease or find support groups for your family.
    I now take care of my brother who has the disease so can handle it better. Happy Easter. mary in Az

  12. Now that's the best kind of tailgate party! Great picture!

  13. I feel what you are saying. I start with the best intentions, and somehow I get interrupted and time gets shorter. I Love reading your blog, but don't always respond. Another Monkey Boy, congratulations. Taking care of an elderly relative is not always easy. Hang in there, you are doing what you can. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

  14. Congratulations. That is fabulous news.

    Yes, the elderly do get so confused with such simple illnesses. I hope she is on the mend now.

  15. It has been awhile for me to as far a blogging. My fellow blogger Eat, Sleep & Quilt told me it has been a year. Life is always in the way these days. I am dealing with elderly parents and it takes up my time along with babysitting my granddaughter, so I have little time to quilt and finish projects. Hope to be back to blogging soon.

  16. So sorry to hear about your MIL! I wish her a speedy recovery. Wonderful photos. The group photo of the Monkey Boys is adorable. So sweet!


  17. Hoping for the very best for your MIL. I had to deal with dementia with my mom for years and it was a very tough road. It's always fun to see the Monkey boys and wow, have they gotten big. Congrats on the new addition. Maybe a Monkey girl this time! I've got no girls in my family so I always hope for other! :-)

  18. We all seem to have slowed a bit. But when you do blog you share the bad news with the good news. Another monkey boy?! How wonderful. Could you share the blog book project. Sounds neat even if it isn't stitching.


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