Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day With Love Quilts

Happy Valentine's Day to you!
In honor of the day, I found some of my favorite love quilts to share.

A Dresden and a heart...what's not to love!

The fabrics in this love quilt made a perfect gift to show my love for someone who was ill.

Hugs and kisses all wrapped up in a quilt.

A little ruffle makes a sweet Valentine quilt.

Hearts, hearts, everywhere hearts!

I hope your day is filled with lots of hugs, kisses, and chocolate, of course!

Treat yourself to a sweet treat of a sale, too!


  1. How fun to be reminded and reminisce with all your "loving" quilts. Happy Valentine's Day Carol.

  2. Please, don't forget the chocolate! Some very nice quilts,, thanks for sharing them.

  3. Carol, this is such a beautiful display of your quilts. Amazing quilts!

  4. You have such a nice collection of Valentine quilts. I love that scallop border.

  5. Lovely array of beautiful LOVE quilts. Yes to the chocolate and Happy Hearts. Keep Loving and Sewing...

  6. I always enjoy your quilt shows! What a beautiful collection. I remember the Hugs And Kisses quilt! Hope you had a wonderful day, Carol!!


  7. Yes, Chocolate.
    I love all of your quilts, Carol.
    I hope you had a happy snappy Valentine's day

  8. I am late to the viewing party but still enjoyed your hearty show and tell :) Have a happy day!

  9. You always take such lovely pictures. You have a wonderful collection of heart quilts. I really like the second one and the one with the blue scalloped border. I was good, no chocolate. :)

  10. If Kris is late I am obviously mia. Gorgeous quilts. I am jealous you have so many Valentine's themed quilts we now know who the true romantic is.


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