Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Getting To Meet Blogger Friends Is The Best!

It's me and Sherry from Createology
Blogger friends are so fun to meet in person. 

I felt like I'd known her for years and our time together just flew by.
Her guy and my guy chatted away next to us while we crammed a lifetime of stuff
 into an hour and half. Next week I hope to drag her to Superior Threads and Quilted Works.
Or, maybe it's her dragging me...either way works for me! I can't wait!

I love, love, love the sweet little treat she brought me...a bunny pincushion!
It looks perfect by my old machine. Thanks, Sherry! Creepy Bunny likes it, too. 

Darryl from Patchouli Moon Studios was suppose to meet us, but it didn't work out.
Missed you, Darryl!

I've been sewing, really I have. Maybe I'll have something to show in a day or two.


  1. It's great to meet new people when you share common interests.

  2. It is fun to meet up with online friends and that is a wonderful photo of both of you.


  3. So fun! How cute are you two?!

  4. Oh, what fun! I'm envious! You are both beautiful ladies! XO

  5. Jealous, oh yes I am!! Looks like great fun :)

  6. You ladies look like you were having a wonderful time.

  7. Oh I wish I could have met you two ladies in person. We just got back today from our trip to WA. We drove back in about 36 hours! Well Mr. P drove, and I snoozed, lol!!! Darn I so wanted to go to St. George. We did go to Arches on our drive to WA and that was cool. I stopped at a few quilts shops in four states too on the way. I'm exhausted, but had a good trip.

  8. Oh how fun!!!! Glad you two could get together. Great photo of both of you.

  9. Carol I had the best time and feel so grateful I got to meet you and your husband. You have inspired me. Our time was gone all too soon. Thank you dear so much. I am ready to explore shops with you...


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