Monday, May 23, 2016

Some Things Are More Important Than Sewing

Did I just say that "some things are more important than sewing?"
Yes. Yes, I did, though I choked a bit when I said it.
What's more important? For one very big thing, this guy...

The three-year-old Monkey Boy came for a week long visit to hang out with us.
It was suppose to be fun times at the park, dinner at Chuck-A-Rama, and swimming.
I was going to sew once in a while when he played with his grandpa.
Instead it was a week long visit of throwing up, fevers, and even a hospital visit.
He was attached to me almost the entire week...which was not such a bad thing except he was so sick.

On the day we had to take him home to his mom and dad, we took him on the 
promised trip to feed the ducks and see the fish. He was one happy boy!

There was even a baby duck to see!

 Grandpa's Pond was all fixed up and a beautiful place to visit!

Thank goodness for his Doodah to carry him back to the car when the fever started coming back.
Poor little guy! 

Besides spending time with the monkeys, we also painted my daughter's balcony last weekend.
My daring hubby! I preferred just hanging over the edge to paint instead of climbing the ladder.

Enough of what I've been doing besides's time to sew!


  1. Wow Carol, sounds like a kinda' scary visit. Hope Monkey Boy 3 is doing better now. And I agree with your method of painting something up that ladders for me!

  2. sorry about your sweet little MB. Being sick is no fun at all....for any of you. Maybe he can have a "do-over" later in the summer when he's feeling perky.

  3. I hope he is feeling better now, so hard to see our own kids sick, but I think it is worse when the grand babies are sick.


  4. Sorry he was so sick, you will have plenty of time to sew, they only are that size for such a short time, huh? What a sweet face!

  5. Poor little guy! It's so hard to see them so sick. It was going around here too. Ugh!

    I don't think I could do that height bit anymore. Yikes!

  6. What a darling little boy, glad he is better!

  7. Poor little guy. You can tell he is trying to be well. Glad he's feeling better and you are able to do a little sewing.

  8. Glad he is feeling better. Painting the balcony looks safer than our attempt at putting up a rope swing, glad you were there to supervise.

  9. Glad he's getting better. Hope you all don't get what ever it was.
    Grandpa's pond (lake) is beautiful.

  10. I hope the little monkey is all better now. It was nice that he got better long enough to enjoy Grandpa's pond.

  11. Well that's a visit he will remember for a long time! Did he ask for a do-over? :)
    I hope he's feeling better by now.

  12. What a shame he was so sick...but how lucky he was to have you care for him! And yes, some things are more important than sewing!

  13. Poor little guy! I hope he's better by now!
    I have a balcony much like that in need of painting! I haven't been daring enough to do it and my husband has been too busy! Maybe Doodah can come here and help us out!!! :)

  14. Awwww how disappointing for the little fella, but he did get to be with gramma and grampa.
    All of that attention, I am sure that helped.
    Being sick is the worst.
    I bet he is all better now

  15. I do hope Monkey Boy is feeling a lot better. He is just too cute to be sick and miserable. Thankfully you and Doodah were there to comfort and care for him. Blessings...


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