Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Knit Quilt For Monkey Baby

I've been a little slow getting Monkey Baby a over a year too slow!
I wanted to practice a little FMQ using my ponce pad and stencil, and use some knit fabric I had
 sitting around, so I figured this would be a fun quilt to give Monkey Baby to just play on. 

It's entirely made of knit fabric (t-shirt type fabric) and is 28" x 40".
The dog was in EQ7, but I changed him up a bit.

This stencil and ponce helped me practice FMQ, but don't look too close 
or you'll see some lines that aren't where they are suppose to be. 

I got this adorable package in the mail from Amanda Herring of Quilted Fish.
She is so darn cute! The box had a note about Jello being Utah's official state snack.
Jello is okay, but that decorated cookie was yummy!

Her Desert Bloom fabric just came out and is beautiful!

No spiders or bees, but I spied this cool bug chomping on a flower.

These are blooming in my backyard thanks to my them!

I hope you're off to a great summer!


  1. Cute quilt. I have a pounce but have never used it. Like your bug I wonder what it is.

  2. That quilt is so cute and it is so fun to make baby quilts, I need to get going on mine. I wanted to make one for the new baby, but then learned they were leaving for 6 months and now sharing a room, so need to make matching bed spreads, might take a while longer, lol.


  3. that puppy dog has cute eyes!

  4. That is such a cute little puppy quilt. Bet it will be loved to death.

  5. Adorable quilt! Monkey boy is a lucky fellow!

  6. I bet that is a soft quilt with knit. I love the way t-shirt quilts feel. So cute, Carol.

  7. That quilt is adorable! blessings, marlene

  8. Such an adorable quilt for Monkey Baby. T-Shirt fabric does not seem to be easy to sew...let alone quilt.


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