Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's My Penny Rose Wool Blog Tour Today!

I've been having a sweet time sewing with Penny Rose's's amazing!
The wool I used looked so beautiful with the Isabella fabrics and matched perfectly. 
I loved the colors and the quality of the wool, too.

I used these Penny Rose fabrics and wool to make

A Little Round Bag
Size: About 6 1/2" wide and 6 1/2" deep

Add a flower for a little fancier look.

 Making this flower with the wool was so easy!

Cut three 2" circles and five 3" circles.

Cut the circles in half. Use only nine of the 3" half circles and five of the 2" half circles.

Run a basting stitch through the flat side of the halves with one length of thread.
I use embroidery thread to baste the halves--it's stronger than 
regular thread so when you pull the threads to gather it holds up better.

Pull the thread to gather the halves.

Tack the first and last half together with a small stitch.

Repeat with the same process with the 2" halves.

Place a few small stitches to hold the 3" flower in place on the bag.

Stitch the 2" flower on top of the 3" flower and add a button to finish the flower.

You can download the PDF patterns for the bag and needle holder at my Craftsy store HERE.

The needle holder...

The wool is perfect inside to hold the needles and pins.

 This is a great bag for taking to a retreat or to give as a gift.
It stands up by itself, which makes it a whole lot of fun to take anywhere.

Look at all these creative ladies who are blog touring, too:


  1. Oh my goodness, Carol. This is just too adorable. Thanks you for the pattern.

  2. I loove it. So very sweet and useful at the same time! And the flower is just the perfect addition!
    Hugs Martina

  3. So cute, Carol! The little basket is perfect for the flower and the needlebook. Happy Spring!

  4. Love the flower, thanks for sharing!!

  5. Gosh that flower was simple once you broke it down so nicely for us. The bag is wonderful and would definitely be a terrific gift.

  6. OMGosh....that is so pretty! That flower really makes it all pop.

  7. That is so stinkin adorable. How do you come up with so many great ideas?

  8. Yes, it does look like a fun project. You used the wool perfectly. Thanks for the flower pattern; it is adorable. BTW, your photos are wonderful and really show off the flower.

  9. Oh, that is adorable! Love the wool flower on the side - thanks for the tutorial and free pattern! The wool is a perfect match for your fabrics, too. Fabulous!

  10. These would be such cute Little Easter baskets for grown children who think they still need one. That would be mine.
    But I'm really a thinking a token gift for a tea party. Thanks so much for the pattern.

  11. Just wonderful projects. I really love the little needle case

  12. Such a pretty basket, the wool flower is a great touch. Thanks for the wonderful pattern, Carol! The size of that basket is perfect.


  13. So beautiful and thrilled to find you on this tour!

  14. this is wonderful, it will no doubt last along while, flower very pretty...good use of colours

  15. What a great project! Your flower is so clever and really adds a lot!

  16. Such a sweet project and I love those colours!! 💕 💕

  17. Nice bag Carol. It sure compliments the wool very well. Thank you for sharing the flower info.

  18. Very sweet :) Cutie bag with a perfect posie!!

  19. How very sweet is this round bag for holding goodies. The wool flower really finishes it nicely. This bag would make a super cute Easter Basket. Thank you for sharing and hopping...

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